Intriguing Reports On Breakthroughs, Discoveries, and Novelties In DNA Testing

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23andMe Launches Its First Licensed Drug

January 23, 2020

23andMe has just introduced its first in-house drug licensed to a Spanish drug company named Almirall. The drug was designed to target inflammatory processes and autoimmune conditions. Read this brief report to learn more about the drug itself as well as 23andMe’s plans for the future in pharmacology.

MyHeritage Introduces 9 New Health Related Reports

MyHeritage Introduces 9 New Health-Related Reports

December 25, 2019

MyHeritage, one of the major providers of at-home DNA testing, just introduced 9 new health reports that cover 3 new genetic risks, 5 carrier statuses, and a polygenic risk score for hypertension. Read this comprehensive guide to learn all about the new reports and discover how they can help you identify potential problems before they actually happen.

Ancestry Introduces Two New Tests

Ancestry Introduces Two New Tests

October 21, 2019

Ancestry, the most famous at-home DNA testing company, is adding two new testing solutions to its already impressive portfolio. These kits will provide users with health-related results based on their genetic signature and complement existing ancestry reports. Read more about the tests in this brief report.

Living DNA Introduces on laptop

Living DNA Introduces New DNA Wellbeing Reports

October 18, 2019

Living DNA, one of the most famous providers of at-home ancestry DNA tests, has just released its first health-related screening solution. The test mainly focuses on illnesses and conditions caused by our lifestyle and teaches us how to improve our lives by adopting healthier habits. Read more in this short analysis.

23andMe Implements Family Trees

23andMe Implements Family Trees & Expands Regions

October 14, 2019

23andMe, the most popular at-home DNA testing provider, recently announced the implementation of auto-populating family trees paired with a significant expansion of its Western Asian, South Asian, and North African regions. Read this comprehensive report to find out more about these changes and learn what they mean for 23andMe users.

myheritage Theory of Family Relativity

MyHeritage Updates Theory Of Family Relativity

July 24, 2019

MyHeritage has released an update for its Theory of Family Relativity feature to include new historical records, family trees, and genetic signatures that have been added into the company’s database after the initial launch. Read this brief report to learn more about the update and how it can help you understand your test results on a more profound level.

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