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Intriguing Reports On Breakthroughs, Discoveries, and Novelties In DNA Testing

23andMe Implements Family Trees

23andMe Implements Family Trees & Expands Regions

October 14, 2019

23andMe, the most popular at-home DNA testing provider, recently announced the implementation of auto-populating family trees paired with a significant expansion of its Western Asian, South Asian, and North African regions. Read this comprehensive report to find out more about these changes and learn what they mean for 23andMe users.

myheritage Theory of Family Relativity

MyHeritage Updates Theory Of Family Relativity

July 24, 2019

MyHeritage has released an update for its Theory of Family Relativity feature to include new historical records, family trees, and genetic signatures that have been added into the company’s database after the initial launch. Read this brief report to learn more about the update and how it can help you understand your test results on a more profound level.

Human Parkinson’s Research

Michael J. Fox Foundation And 23andMe Team Up On A New Platform

May 29, 2019

23andMe has joined forces with The Michael J. Fox Foundation in efforts to provide further insight into Parkinson’s disease through a new tool called Fox DEN (Fox Insight Data Exploration Network) designed to use customer-reported data in 23andMe’s database and combine it with genetic information. Read more in this article.

MyHeritage DNA Health + Ancestry Test on white background

MyHeritage Launches New DNA Health + Ancestry Test

May 29, 2019

MyHeritage has just announced the launch of its new health-related direct-to-customer DNA test that should complement the existing ancestry-only testing options. Read this short overview to learn more about the new product, from its current price to some of the benefits it adds to your genetic reports.

Ancestry And Family Trees

Ancestry Plans To Link DNA Results And Family Trees

April 2, 2019

Ancestry.com is currently beta testing its new feature designed to connect personal DNA reports with family trees and provide its users with more information regarding their lineages and ethnicity profiles. Read all about this exciting new addition and find out how to test the beta version of ThruLines in this short report.

MyHeritage Automatic Clustering

MyHeritage Introduces Automatic Clustering

March 5, 2019

MyHeritage has just released a new feature called AutoClusters that groups different genetic relatives discovered by your DNA sequencing into clusters with the same shared ancestor. Apart from providing you with a clearer final report, this tech will also give you better explanations of each individual connection. Read more in this article.

MyHeritage Reveals The Theory Of Family Relativity

MyHeritage Reveals The Theory Of Family Relativity

March 2, 2019

MyHeritage has just introduced a groundbreaking new technology called the Theory of Family Relativity that aims to combine billions of historical records with millions of family trees in order to better explain the biological DNA connections shown by its at-home DNA tests. Read more in this short overview.

Ancestry com African American migration

Ancestry.com Releases New Data For Those From The African Diaspora

February 27, 2019

Ancestry has just released new data relevant to individuals from the African diaspora. Its users received 94 new and updated communities, which should reveal new information about the genetic roots of African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans as well as the migration patterns of their ancestors through history. Read more in this short report.

Genetic Prerequisites For Osteoporosis

23andMe Confirms Genetic Prerequisites For Osteoporosis

February 7, 2019

23andMe’s genetic database provided the necessary samples for the latest study related to genetic prerequisites for low bone density and the development of osteoporosis. The main goal of the study was to find the causal connection between the genetic variations and the illness and help develop potential treatments and identify patients earlier.

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