Intriguing Reports On Breakthroughs, Discoveries, and Novelties In DNA Testing

Genetic Prerequisites For Osteoporosis

23andMe Confirms Genetic Prerequisites For Osteoporosis

February 7, 2019

23andMe’s genetic database provided the necessary samples for the latest study related to genetic prerequisites for low bone density and the development of osteoporosis. The main goal of the study was to find the causal connection between the genetic variations and the illness and help develop potential treatments and identify patients earlier.

23andMe Colorectal Cancer Test

23andMe Gets The Green Light For Its Colorectal Cancer Test

January 29, 2019

After clearing its test for three variants in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes related to breast cancer, the FDA has also greenlit 23andMe’s test for two variants that influence MUTYH-associated polyposis. This is a rare condition that generally increases the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Learn more about this test in our report.

FDA Approves 23andMe dna

FDA Approves 23andMe’s DTC Genetic Test For Medication Metabolism

November 6, 2018

23andMe’s Personal Genome Service Pharmacogenetic Reports test just got approved by the FDA. The first direct-to-customer screening option of its kind to secure FDA approval, the test is designed to detect potential genetic variants in charge of one’s ability to metabolize certain medications. Learn more about this big win for 23andMe in this article.

Embark Uncovers Why Dogs Have Blue Eyes

Embark Uncovers Why Dogs Have Blue Eyes

October 11, 2018

Embark has published its first scientific research, which conveys the company’s commitment to ending all preventable diseases in dogs. The project, which is the biggest initiative of its kind to date, was launched to answer why some dogs have blue eyes. Learn more about this exciting genome-wide association study in this article.

Ancestry Faces Backlash Over Updated System For Ethnicity Estimates

Ancestry Faces Backlash Over Updated System For Ethnicity Estimates

September 21, 2018

Ancestry recently updated its algorithm in an effort to provide more precise ethnicity estimates. While it seems that the majority of users are satisfied with the changes, some customers are disappointed in the DNA testing giant. Read our report to learn more about the backlash Ancestry is currently facing.

Ancestry Now Offers More Precise Ethnicity Estimates

Ancestry Now Offers More Precise Ethnicity Estimates Than Ever

September 19, 2018

Ancestry, the leader in the field of genetic genealogy, has turned its 30-year experience into actionable data that will provide its existing and future users with much more precise ethnic estimates. Read all about this major algorithm update here and learn how to connect with your true genetic roots anywhere in the world.

MyHeritage Now Supports 23andMe v5 And Living DNA Uploads

MyHeritage Now Supports 23andMe v5 And Living DNA Uploads

September 14, 2018

MyHeritage’s free upload service just got an upgrade. As of September 12, 2018, users can upload tests based on the Global Screening Array chip, including 23andMe v5 and Living DNA tests. By uploading their DNA data now, users get to enjoy full access to multiple exciting MyHeritage features free of charge. Find out more in our detailed report.

23andMe No Longer Lets App Devs

23andMe No Longer Lets App Devs Read Your DNA Data

August 28, 2018

23andMe is severely limiting access to its rich database by disabling its API (application programming interface). This move will have great repercussions on dozens of app developers currently using the data to work on their software. Read all about this decision and find out what the company’s representatives had to say about it.

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