Best DNA Tests Of 2017

DNA testing has progressed a long way from a futuristic technique to a widely available, comprehensive process. With numerous DNA testing companies entering the market every year, appointing the best DNA tests grows ever harder.

The principal factor in choosing the best DNA test for you are your own needs and expectations. The absence of a clear-cut purpose will have you pendulating back and forth between companies and their services, afraid of making a misguided and uninformed choice.

Our guide to the best DNA tests of 2017 will present companies and services whose very names promise the highest of standards. Personal motives for DNA testing and expected end-goals, however, will be yours to unriddle. is an independent website supported by referral fees of certain sites ranked on this site. Our site receives compensation from some of the DNA testing sites whose products we present here. Compensation we receive impacts the ranking of the products. Other factors such as quality of the products, our own opinions etc. may impact the ranking as well. cannot and does not present information about every DNA test available for purchase. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We operate as an affiliate advertising program created to provide means for websites by linking to Close
AncestryDNA is a part of LLC, the largest genealogical conglomerate on the planet. It provides one of the best ancestry DNA tests on the market, backed by cutting-edge genetic research.
  • AncestryDNA database contains over 4 million registered users
  • Possibility of raw DNA data download for further application
  • The test checks 700,000 genetic markers within your genome
As a business unit of Mars Incorporated,Wisdom Panel has the technology to provide some of the best animal DNA tests available. It also features one of the largest databases, with 12k+ DNA samples.
  • High-quality pet tests, constantly updated and improved
  • Breeder's test covers more than 250 popular dog breeds
  • Budget-friendly, free shipping, user satisfaction guarantee
Living DNA provides the most precise ethnic estimates on the market. Its ancestry test covers the biggest number of genetic populations, which translates to the most accurate genetic percentages.
  • 80 world regions covered, alongside 21 in the British Isles
  • The company offers unlimited updates of your DNA results
  • 15-fold analysis of 650,000 genetic markers in your genome
Embark is a dog DNA testing service dedicated to unlocking the secrets of canine DNA. It works closely with numerous breeders and vets to provide the best screening panel for your animal friends.
  • Cutting-edge testing technology and dog-approved laboratory
  • Detailed test with over 256 quadrillion genetic combinations
  • Membership with Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine
TeloYears is a DNA test created by the 2009 Nobel Prize laureate to accurately calculate the cellular age in your DNA. The team implements proprietary testing methods, which leaves zero room for errors.
  • Owned state-of-the-art laboratory with CLIA certification
  • “Now and Later” packs available, allowing you to save money
  • Exclusive testing methods with no room for potential errors
GPS Origins is an ancestry DNA test developed by DDC to accurately pinpoint the exact originator of your genetic strain. Every DNA sample is processed twice using top-tier robotics technology.
  • One of the most accurate tests with 800,000+ SNP checked
  • The test covers 36 regions and 862 reference populations
  • Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, and AncestryDNA raw data transfer
Futura Genetics features one of the most sophisticated processing labs, paired with a professional team devoted to exploring your DNA and locating indicators of the most dangerous genetic diseases.
  • Numerous certifications (CLIA, ISO 9001, and ISO 15189)
  • Professional staff with over 15 years of experience
  • The test inspects SNPs for 28 different genetic diseases
  • Worldwide shipping available without any shipping costs
JScreen is a Jewish non-profit organization partnered with Emory University to provide the most top-tier and downright impressive carrier screenings for a multitude of genetic diseases.
  • State-of-the-art processing facility with CLIA certification
  • All tests are supervised by the scientific advisory board
  • The test screens carriers for 200 different genetic diseases
Besides offering one of the most reliable ancestry DNA tests, 23andMe is also the only company to provide health results in your final report, indicating numerous health risks and genetic traits.
  • Health reports show potential for hereditary conditions
  • 570,000 genetic markers checked within Ancestry Service
  • Company Database contains around 2 million registered users
Paternity Depot is the most budget-friendly provider of DNA relationship testing solutions. Apart from paternity testing, the company also offers other genetic proof of biological relationships.
  • Cutting-edge testing facilities with ISO 17025 certification
  • The most affordable relationship DNA testing you can find
  • Numerous testing solutions with flexible payment/order plans

Ranking Criteria Explained

Before even approaching this ultimate guide, our professional team defined numerous ranking criteria to put DNA testing providers under heavy scrutiny.

The most prominent ranking factors include:

  • Test quality and accuracy
  • The size of the user database
  • Potential room for errors and test failures
  • Waiting time
  • Overall service quality
  • Membership features and benefits
  • Community development
  • Expenses
  • Results transfer possibility

With these and other, less significant determinants, we were able to produce a wide comparison between leading companies on the market and their tests. Each of them was tested objectively, which resulted in our ultimate guide to top 5 best-ranked DNA tests of 2017.

We’ll elaborate further in the following reviews, explaining the advantages these companies hold over the competition. You can familiarize yourself with their services in broad strokes here and follow up your research with our full-length reviews for each DNA testing company.

Editors Choice
Find your complete ethnic origins

AncestryDNA Review

Ancestry Homepage

AncestryDNA is an integral part of the largest genealogical enterprise today. It was “born” out of necessity to complement genealogy with genetics in efforts to research the deep ancestry of humanity as a species. There are several segments besides AncestryDNA, like AncestryHealth and their Ancestry online magazine with over 2 million paying subscribers and 16 million uploaded historic records, documents, personal stories, and photos. It enriches the overall DNA testing experience and puts faces on some of your newly found relatives.

The second-ranked DNA test offered by the company is simply called “Ancestry DNA Test.” It includes autosomal testing, as well as Y-chromosome and mitochondrial examination. This is the poster case for what we’ve talked about in the previous digest review. The test does include paternal/maternal lineage exploration, but separate results and testing are not available anymore.

It checks 700k genetic markers, which equips the procedure with high-level accuracy, and the end-results also include information about your potential Native American ancestry lines. Other company highlights include having a strict privacy policy and offering the possibility of participating in several interesting projects aimed at developing the science of genetic genealogy even further.

The test results provide possible DNA matches within the biggest DNA database in the industry (4 million people), an interactive ethnicity map, enabling you to see your ancestors through time on a geographical scale, including permanent locations and migration routes, DNA circles, providing the possibility of gathering in clusters with your living relatives found through AncestryDNA, and the “Map and Locations” map (special add-on for Ancestry Magazine subscribers) that will show you the birthplaces of your ancestors, ranging back up to 10 generations.

AncestryDNA recently expanded their shipping capabilities to 35 countries around the world.

Largest canine DNA database today

Wisdom Panel Review

Wisdom Panel Homepage

Wisdom Panel is a branch of Mars Veterinary, which is a branch of Mars Incorporated. It might come off as a surprise that Mars sells anything but candy, but you should know that the company’s portfolio also includes brands like Whiskas, Pedigree, Royal Canin, and many more. Mars Veterinary was launched back in 2005 after their Breed Determination Patent got licensed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Wisdom Panel collects DNA samples for testing via the direct-to-customer process. After you decide on a specific test, you can order it on the official website. Once the appropriate testing kit arrives and you perform a simple cheek swab on your pet, you should send the sample back and just wait for the results. The final report is usually generated around 3 weeks after the processing lab receives your shipment.

Wisdom Panel currently offers three different DNA tests, includingWisdom Panel 4.0 (84.99$), Optimal Selection Canine Genetic Breeding Analysis (129.99$), andOptimal Selection Feline Genetic Breeding Analysis (99.99$)

Mars Veterinary started its ambitious research history back in 1999 and has continued to investigate animal genetic composition up until the present day. The company started out with the Canine Genomics Project and has conducted numerous research projects since.

The most detailed DNA test available

Living DNA Review

Living DNA Homepage

This is the youngest company on our list, being founded in 2016. It’s a subsidiary of DNA Worldwide Group, which is on the market since 2004. The said parent company worked closely with Family Tree DNA, Scotland’s DNA, and well over a hundred leading academic researchers, scientists, and genetic experts in order to bring out a fresh platform to the market.

What makes Living DNA stand out is the fact that their ancestry test covers 80 regions of the world. It also offers the most in-depth coverage of the British Isles, with 21 regions included. So, if you expect British origins, Living DNA test is three steps in front of everybody else. The test follows the “3-in-1” principle, meaning it checks your autosomal and gender chromosomes as part of a single test. As we already said for this model, there is no possibility for separate testing and results.

The price of the test is 159$ (with frequent discounts) and it provides great accuracy of the results, with 650k genetic markers checked, excellent ethnic coverage and geographical information due to 80 regions explored, thousands of years look-back, searching for your DNA relatives, and the “Back in Time” map, with a comprehensive historical overview of your genetic ancestry.

The platform still doesn’t offer relative matching, but we’re promised this feature in the near future. The database is still rather modest, but it is to be expected, given the company’s youth.

The most detailed DNA test for dogs

Embark Review

Embark Homepage

Embark is a dog DNA testing company founded by Adam and Ryan Boyko, two enthusiastic researchers and scientists who dedicated their professional careers to unriddling the genetic foundation for numerous dog diseases and traits. The company works closely with a multitude of breeders and veterinarians who are constantly collecting new data to aid in the ongoing research.

Embark follows the standard direct-to-customer business model, allowing you to order your testing kit online and collect the DNA sample(s) yourself. Once you place your order, the shipment will leave the warehouse in 1-2 business days and should arrive pretty quickly, depending on your location. The final report is usually generated 8 weeks after the lab receives your DNA specimens.

Embark Dog DNA Test costs 199$ and it offers a wide array of useful and accurate information. The test check 200,000 genetic markers, which will ensure the aforementioned precision. Furthermore, Embark will look for traces of more than 150 dog breeds (including coyote, village dog, and wolf ancestry)in your pet’s DNA and give you accurate results regarding breed composition and ancestry. Your dog(s) DNA will also be screened for more than 160 genetic diseases. Finally, the results will help you determine your pet’s genetic age translated into human years. Embark also offers tailored genetic tests for breeders with the price tag of 179$. Bulk orders come at a significant discount.

Discover Your True Genetic Age

TeloYears Review

TeloYears homepage

TeloYears is a genetic test developed by Telomere Diagnostics Inc. The company was launched in 2010 and its core team includes Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, the winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine for pioneering work in the field of telomere biology.  

The basic idea behind the test lies in measuring the cellular age encoded in your DNA signature. This information also helps you realize the correlation between your cellular age and your aging process in general. The test should inspire people to grow and improve in all fields of personal wellness.    

You can begin the procedure by providing answers to a couple of simple questions designed to determine your fit for the TeloYears DNA test. After this information is reviewed by a qualified in-house doctor, your order will be placed for you. Note that the company uses an independent team of physicians, all certified to order genetic tests. Once the DNA testing kit arrives at your address, you’ll need to collect one drop of your blood and send it back for further processing. 

The price of the TeloYears test is 89$ and you also can also purchase their Now and Later pack. TeloYears is a test you should do basically every year if you really want to monitor the length of your telomeres on a regular basis. The Now and Later pack is designed to save you money and allow you to view your life improvements over a period of 6 or 12 months. TeloYears is an incredibly accurate test since one drop of human blood contains more than 50,000 cells. This means the test will never fail, also leaving zero room for errors.

The most precise ancestry DNA test

GPS Origins Review

GPS Origins homepage

GPS Origins is a modern ancestry DNA test offered by DNA Diagnostic Center, one of the most hi-tech companies in the field. The main advantage of this test is its ability to provide users with extremely specific ancestral results, often pinpointing to an exact state. The test was developed by Dr. Eran Elhaik, the multidisciplinary team leader at the University of Sheffield.  

DDC is a well-known brand in the field of genetic testing for its robotics technology used in DNA sequencing and modern testing facilities. It was launched back in 1995 with the idea of making scientific breakthroughs in the field of genetic testing available to the general public.   

The company follows a simple straight-to-customer pattern, allowing you to do most of the work from the comfort of your home. Once you’ve placed an online order and created your personal account, you’ll receive a DNA testing kit designed to collect your sample for further processing. The company utilizes buccal swabs instead of saliva-based sample collection. With your buccal cells stored in the designated vials, you can send the kit back to DDC for sequencing.  

GPS Origins checks 800,000 genetic markers and covers 36 regions with 862 reference populations. This makes it one of the most precise and accurate ancestry DNA tests on the market. It traces your genetic ancestry more than 1,000 years in the past, pinpointing to exact towns and villages. One of the best features of DDC is their extensive database with more than 10,000 genetic signatures. The final report is usually generated within 4-6 weeks. 

Unlock the secrets of your DNA

Futura Genetics Review

Futura Genetics homepage

Futura Genetics is a young DNA testing provider launched in 2014, with headquarters in Vancouver. The company specializes in healthcare and lifestyle DNA testing and provides its users with a comprehensive and affordable doorway into the human genome. The core philosophy of Futura Genetics is to make genetic data available to the general public as opposed to corporate giants and rich individuals.

Once you place an order on the official Futura Genetics website, an at-home testing kit will be shipped to your address using free express shipping. After you register your testing kit and collect your DNA sample, you can send it back to the processing lab and wait for the results. Your report will usually be ready within 4 weeks and it’ll be available online for your inspection.

Futura Genetics Test costs 339 EUR and it will screen your DNA sample for 28 different diseases and conditions. The company guarantees the security of your sensitive information and can only use your data in a couple of cases enumerated in its privacy policy.

Best Jewish Genetic Disease Test

JScreen Review

JScreen Homepage

JScreen is a nonprofit partner of Emory University dedicated to education and carrier screening programs for Jewish genetic diseases. It was listed as one of the most innovative American Jewish organizations in 2014. The enterprise was founded by Randy and Caroline Gold, long-term Jewish community activists. Apart from JScreen, the Golds also run the ML4 foundation trying to discover a cure for their daughter’s Mucolipidosis Type IV (ML4).  

JScreen implements the classic model of sending DNA testing kits to your home address. The sample collection is saliva-based and the whole procedure takes between 2 and 5 minutes. Once you send your sample back to the lab, you can expect your final results in around 3-4 weeks. You will be contacted by Emory University regarding your results and receive an email notification informing you how to proceed.  

Note that JScreen cannot send you any DNA testing kits without a previous approval from your physician. If you want an additional elaboration on your results, you can always set up a video conference with one of the genetic experts employed by JScreen.      

The test scans for 200 genetic diseases, 19 of which are almost exclusive to individuals with Jewish genetic heritage. If you don’t have insurance or can’t afford the test, you can apply for JScreen’s financial assistance program and receive limited financial support. JScreen will also test all females for Fragile X Syndrome completely free of charge since women have a 50% chance of transferring the illness to their children after giving birth. 

Explore your ancestral origins

23andMe Review

23andme Homepage

23andMe is named for the 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human genome. They announced their presence loudly right from the start by having backers and investors such as Google, New Enterprise Associates, Genentech, and others.

They are one of the few companies providing health and medical-related reports with their “Ancestry Service” test. Speaking of which, you can either order ancestry service on its own for 99$ or include health reports as well for 100$ extra.

The ancestry DNA test includes matching your DNA with known genetic populations throughout history and identifying your genetic relatives, establishing your genetic heritage, which pinpoints where your DNA strain came from, discovering your haplogroups, which can show you the origins of the first human ever to bear your DNA, and revealing the percentage of your current genome that is inherited from your Neanderthal ancestors.

The test covers 31 regions of the world, meaning it matches your DNA against 31 sample populations. 23andMe is constantly working on expanding the number of regions covered, adding to the overall precision of the test.

The health-related results cover 41 health conditions, 19 personal traits, and 7 wellness traits.

The main purpose of the health portion of the test is determining whether some of your genes carry hereditary health conditions or not. The 23andMe database currently has around 1 million people.

Cheapest DNA relationship testing

Paternity Depot Review

Paternity Depot Homepage

Paternity Depot offers the lowest prices and the quickest turnaround times on the market. The company was founded about a decade ago with offices in New York and Toronto. Apart from paternity testing, they also offer other testing solutions, which is important to note since people often get confused because of the name.  

Paternity Depot follows the clear pattern set by the direct-to-customer business model, allowing you to perform DNA sample collection at home. You can order one of their testing solutions through their official website or by phone. The company chose to implement a DNA testing kit based on buccal swabs instead of saliva. Different customers have different preferences, but it’s a completely painless procedure that takes only a couple of minutes of your time. Paternity Depot offers a multitude of ways you can receive your final report, including email, phone, fax, and others.  

If you are unable to perform a buccal swab, Paternity Depot offers DNA testing solutions through alternative sources, including blood found on any material, semen, bones or teeth, toothbrush, dental floss, chewing gum, toothpick, used handkerchief or Kleenex, urine, cigarette butts, razors, licked envelopes, nail clippings, and others.  

Paternity Depot has executed more than 300,000 tests so far, guaranteeing 99.99% test accuracy. Apart from legal and non-legal paternity testing, they also offer sibling, avuncular, and grandparent DNA tests. The final report usually arrives within 7 business days.

Choosing The Best DNA Test For Your Needs

Our ultimate guide to the best DNA tests on the market covers all the possible options for DNA testing, regardless of your specific needs. Still, it is of paramount importance to know precisely what you are looking for in a DNA test.

As we always say, one size never fits all, as different companies appeal to different customer preferences. Keeping this in mind, choosing the best DNA test is not the easiest task because there are many factors to take into consideration. To begin with, it is important to research the scope of the DNA test that interests you, as you want to make sure that the final report fits your unique DNA testing needs. In other words, the results should cover every aspect you think is relevant in DNA testing. Second, for most people, waiting for the results too long can be a deal-breaker. That is why test processing times are equally significant. Next, the company of your choice should have a clear, straightforward privacy policy, meaning that they will keep your information confidential, never releasing it to third-parties without your explicit consent. Moreover, value for money is a crucial criterion because you do want to get your money’s worth, that is, you want the price of the test to be in direct correlation with its quality. Finally, the overall experience can reveal what you can expect from the company during the entire process, from the moment you place an order to the moment your report is generated.

This guide is updated regularly, so it will always incorporate the latest breakthroughs on the market.


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