Our Research

Given our dedication to genetic exploration, research at Top10DNATests is a never-ending process. We are constantly balancing between updating existing reviews and looking for new viable candidates to introduce to our readers. We do all of this to provide you with the best DNA testing solutions for your specific needs.

Whenever we review a new company or product, we do our very best to collect all the available information that can help you make the most educated choice possible.

Then, we focus on the actual products and accompanying services. At-home DNA tests are generally not ideal products for in-house testing. In order to provide you with all potential outcomes of an ancestry DNA test, for example, we would have to enlist test subjects with all ethnic backgrounds covered by a certain solution, which is borderline impossible. This is why we rely on peer-reviewed scientific studies and publications and user reviews available online. On top of this, we also collect personal experiences from our readers.

Apart from product reviews, we also make comparison charts for similar services and provide you with the latest news regarding relevant companies, exciting features, new testing options, interesting initiatives, and genetic breakthroughs in general.

It is important to keep in mind that we explore the overall levels of privacy and security offered by any given company. We want to make sure your personal data is well protected at all times, so we only recommend providers with adequate security measures in place.

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