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23andMe Review

23andMe Review

UPDATED Dec. 2018

23andMe is an impressive DNA testing provider featuring a staggering user count, paired with cutting-edge tools for chromosome browsing, biogeographical ancestry analysis, and health-related results. Read all about this exceptional service in our detailed 23andMe review.

FDA Approves 23andMe dna

FDA Approves 23andMe’s DTC Genetic Test For Medication Metabolism

November 6, 2018

23andMe’s Personal Genome Service Pharmacogenetic Reports test just got approved by the FDA. The first direct-to-customer screening option of its kind to secure FDA approval, the test is designed to detect potential genetic variants in charge of one’s ability to metabolize certain medications. Learn more about this big win for 23andMe in this article.

23andMe No Longer Lets App Devs

23andMe No Longer Lets App Devs Read Your DNA Data

August 28, 2018

23andMe is severely limiting access to its rich database by disabling its API (application programming interface). This move will have great repercussions on dozens of app developers currently using the data to work on their software. Read all about this decision and find out what the company’s representatives had to say about it.

23andMe Introduces New African And East Asian Regions

23andMe Introduces New African And East Asian Regions

August 23, 2018

23andMe has rolled out a new update designed to enrich its Ancestry Composition report regarding regions in Africa and East Asia. Read this post to learn all about this impressive new addition and what it means for users with ancestry roots in those regions.

How DNA Testing Can Prevent You From Getting Insurance

How DNA Testing Can Prevent You From Getting Insurance

August 14, 2018

Insurance companies have always been looking for ways to cut their costs and risks. Now, the increasingly popular at-home DNA tests are offering them the perfect way to avoid providing coverage to those who may need it the most. Discover how insurers can use your DNA test results to deny coverage or charge more and how to prevent this from happening.

23andMe Implementing New Privacy Guidelines

23andMe Implementing New Privacy Guidelines

August 13, 2018

23andMe’s recently signed deal with GlaxoSmithKline has prompted the DNA testing company to introduce new rules on the collection, retention, sharing, and use of consumers’ genetic data. Discover what these new privacy rules entail and how they affect the users’ right to decide how their genetic information is handled and shared with third parties.

23andMe And GSK Sign Agreement To Use Genetic Insights

Exclusive Details About 23andMe’s Partnership with GSK

July 30, 2018

23andMe and GSK signed a 4-year deal to combine their respective assets in order to identify novel drug targets, enable faster progression of clinical programs, and tackle new subsets of diseases. 23andMe welcomes all customers who’d like to participate in future research projects. Read more about this exciting collaboration in this article.

23andMe Launches New iPad App

23andMe Launches New iPad App

July 20, 2018

23andMe has answered the growing demand for mobile access to genetic information by launching a brand-new iPad app and implementing a number of new and exciting features in its existing mobile apps. This is all a part of an initiative to allow its users to access their DNA data more easily, even on the go. Read this article to find out more.

23andMe Finds Link Between Hunger And Aggression

23andMe Finds Link Between Hunger And Aggression

June 21, 2018

23andMe was intrigued by the potential genetic connection between the feelings of hunger and anger/irritability. This mood was dubbed “hangry” in the 90s – and now we actually have the technology to explore the very roots of this phenomenon. Read our dedicated article and learn how our brain processes the feeling of “hangriness.”

23andMe Teams Up With Tribeca Studios

23andMe Teams Up With Tribeca Studios For A Series Of DNA Films

April 25, 2018

In order to bring DNA testing closer to the general public, 23andMe has joined forces with Tribeca Studios to produce a series of DNA films. The films will be created by individuals who will use genetic testing to uncover the past. Read this post to learn more about this initiative and get all the information shared with us by 23andMe representatives.

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