Best Sibling DNA Tests Of 2018

UPDATED Apr. 2018

Sibling DNA testing has gained popularity in recent years due to a myriad of practical applications in modern times. Our guide to the best sibling DNA tests of 2018 will point you in the right direction, once you define your current needs and expectations.

Establishing a definitive genetic sibling relationship brings far more potential benefits than just your peace of mind. These tests are most commonly used for determining shared parentage when parents are unavailable for testing. They’re also often requested by mothers in order to obtain social security benefits. US immigration applications can be backed by a valid sibling test too. These are just a couple of cases illustrating the importance of choosing the best sibling DNA test for you.

Let’s take a look at the best sibling DNA tests available. is an independent website supported by referral fees of certain sites ranked on this site. Our site receives compensation from some of the DNA testing sites whose products we present here. Compensation we receive impacts the ranking of the products. Other factors such as quality of the products, our own opinions etc. may impact the ranking as well. cannot and does not present information about every DNA test available for purchase. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We operate as an affiliate advertising program created to provide means for websites by linking to Close
Live Well Testing operates as an e-commerce division of Confirm BioSciences. It offers numerous relationship testing solutions, including a legal and non-legal version of the sibling DNA test.
  • The sibling DNA test inspects all 23 genetic markers or loci
  • Both legal and non-legal sibling testing options available
  • An A+ rated company, according to the Better Business Bureau
EasyDNA covers all the cases regarding sibling DNA testing. They differentiate between the basic version and the exploration of X and Y chromosomes, depending on the gender of the test subjects.
  • 21 genetic markers explored during the sibling DNA testing process
  • X/Y chromosome tests available for all (fe)/male test subjects
  • Over 300,000 relationship DNA tests executed around the globe
DDC incorporates the latest processing technology into every sibling DNA test they execute. They are the only ones utilizing robotics in their sequencing, meaning there is no room for error.
  • Sibling testing identifies similarities across 35 DNA markers
  • Free pre-test consultation; all results reviewed by a Ph.D.
  • Every sibling DNA testing is done twice for top-tier accuracy
Paternity Depot offers the most budget-friendly sibling DNA testing on the market. For a reasonable extra fee, you can also transform your report into a court-viable proof of relationship.
  • The lowest price of sibling DNA testing and the fastest results
  • Legal, non-legal, and discreet sibling DNA testing available
  • Flexible ordering options with numerous payment alternatives

Ranking Criteria Explained

Each of our reviews incorporates a multitude of criteria, adding or subtracting from the company’s final placement on our list. However, there is a narrower set of the most important requirements that every company must satisfy in order to be taken into consideration.

Our primary test-related criteria include test variety, quality, and accuracy and the number of genetic markers checked. We further take into account staff competency, certifications and accreditations, and partnerships with relevant institutions, all of which combined indicate whether the company in question is a reliable choice.

The second subset of primary criteria focuses on factors that shape customer experience and satisfaction. These include turnaround times, the quality of user support, the company’s privacy policy, and pricing. We also inspect whether the company is taking part in any research projects relevant to the field of genetic science.

Lastly, charity work is our final and unofficial criterion. It doesn’t affect the rankings severely, but we still like to point out if the company is going an extra mile to give back to those in need. Read more about the best sibling DNA tests on the market in our mini-reviews below.

Our #1 pick

Live Well Testing

Combination of health and wellness
Our Rating: 8.0/10

Live Well Testing Review

Live Well Testing acts as an e-commerce division of Confirm BioSciences. With such a corporate giant behind them, they can offer the most elaborate list of DNA testing solutions on the market.

Their portfolio holds both legal and non-legal versions of the sibling DNA test.

The Sibling DNA Home Buccal Test Kit (249.99$) is designed to provide accurate results only for your curiosity’s sake. Thus, its final results will not make for a court-viable document. The highlights of this test include all 23 genetic markers checked, 99.9999% accuracy of the test, results on siblings, half-siblings, and unrelated, online results plus a colored hard copy upon request, user support always available for any potential questions, at-home sample collection, and lab costs included in the price, as well as a strict privacy policy.

The Sibling DNA Home Legal Buccal Test Kit (349.99$) offers the same service, accuracy, and turnaround time as the non-legal one. The main difference is that its results provide you with court-viable proof of siblingship. This is the route to take if you see a potential court proceeding in the future (regarding social benefits, pension, will/estate…) or you need it for your immigration application. If you simply want to satisfy your curiosity, there’s no need to opt for this version of the test.

As far as the test subjects are concerned, the legal test variant demands some extra steps. The sample collection process cannot be performed at home. Instead, it has to be performed by a licensed expert (usually a doctor or a nurse) within a certified institution (usually a hospital or a medical clinic). Once established, the chain of custody mustn’t be broken; otherwise, the DNA sample will be rendered void and unusable. Keep in mind that legal DNA testing always costs more than the non-legal variant.

For legal reasons, DNA test kits cannot be sent to the state of New York. On the other hand, Live Well Testing accepts DNA samples from both the US and abroad.

Price: $249.99
Our #2 pick


A truly international DNA company
Our Rating: 8.5/10

EasyDNA Homepage

EasyDNA is the most widely “present” DNA testing company. It holds offices in 25 countries of the world.

The company has over 300,000 relationship tests performed so far, backed with professional and skilled user support staff. Their Sibling DNA test inspects 21 genetic markers and offers 99.9999% accuracy. EasyDNA states that they provide legal sibling DNA testing, but we haven’t seen any differentiation on their website.

EasyDNA offers 3 different tests for determining siblingship, including Siblings DNA Test (299$), X Chromosome Test (399$), and Y Chromosome Test (299$).
The Siblings DNA Test can be used to determine whether two or more individuals are biologically related or not. If a genetic match is established, the results will identify them as either half or full siblings. As we already mentioned, the test checks 21 DNA markers for matches. In most cases, potential siblings want to know whether they share the same father or not. Note that this test is only performed when potential siblings of different sex are tested. The turnaround time depends on too many factors to give an accurate estimate in advance.

The X Chromosome Test is performed when two or more potential female siblings are processed for matches. It examines 10 genetic markers, comparing XX chromosome pairs across all test subjects. The average turnaround time for this test is 14-21 business days. Female siblings most commonly undergo this test to discover whether they share a biological father. It should be noted that the test is only viable if the potential siblings have different mothers. If that’s not the case, the mother’s DNA sample is required in order to perform the test. The X Chromosome Test can also be performed with DNA samples of the paternal grandmother and her granddaughters.

The Y Chromosome Test (299$) establishes a shared father between two or more male individuals. Alternatively, it can determine a common paternal ancestor. Besides oral swabs, this test also accepts discreet DNA samples (used toothbrushes, handkerchiefs, blood stains, semen, and so forth). The main purpose of this test is establishing siblingship through a common father, but it can also be used to perform a paternity test of sorts. The average turnaround time is 5-7 business days.

EasyDNA cannot send at-home tests to the state of New York, but it can perform legal DNA tests there. This can be done only if the test is requested by an authorized individual, such as a court judge or a doctor. The initial price presumes 2 potential siblings. The involvement of more than two test subject results in extra charges.

Price: $299.00
Our #3 pick


The ultimate collection of DNA tests
Our Rating: 7.8/10

DDC DNA Diagnostics Center Homepage

DDC holds the position of the most modern and hi-tech DNA testing company on our list and the market in general.

Some of their most prominent features include over 2 million relationship DNA tests executed, a state-of-the-art proprietary lab with robotics processing technology, numerous relevant accreditations, including CAP, AABB, CLIA, ANAB, NATA, and the Ministry of Justice, and highly competent staff, as well as accurate reports and free consultations to help you choose the best DNA test for you, without any obligation to purchase. Every DNA test is done twice and an expert Ph.D. oversees every procedure and reviews your test results. Payment plans are available upon request.
Their Sibling Test (395$) is described as a paternity test when the father’s DNA sample is unavailable. The test determines whether the test subjects are half/full siblings or not related at all. The Sibling DNA test results can be used for any number of purposes, ranging from immigration visa application to social security benefits.

The test compares 35 genetic markers, which is the highest number on our list by far. This means the results will have a more accurate percentage of relation probability. Don’t get confused by the term “autosomal markers” on their site; the places inspected within our genome can also be called genetic loci, DNA, genetic or autosomal markers, they’re all synonyms. The average turnaround time is not specified due to the high potential of test intricacy, but we speculate it can take around a week, depending on the number of individuals involved.

Price: $395.00
Our #4 pick

Paternity Depot

Cheapest DNA relationship testing
Our Rating: 7.1/10

Paternity Depot Homepage

Paternity Depot offers the most budget-friendly DNA testing options on the market. Their business model also revolves around dishing out the quickest results. The name of the company confuses people at times, making them believe Paternity Depot offers paternity testing only. As you can see, that is not the case.

Paternity Depot also accepts discreet DNA samples, alongside standard buccal swabs. Convenient as it may be, this raised a couple of red flags with us, as nowhere on their site does it say that the person being tested has to know anything about it. As you can imagine, this opens up a slew of opportunities for underhanded endeavors. We would definitely like to see an appropriate disclaimer on their site in the near future. The company has over 300,000 DNA tests performed in their proprietary ISO 17025 certified lab. The test accuracy is 99.9999% and they have a “legal add-on” available.

Paternity Depot’s Sibling Test (199$) is around a hundred dollars cheaper than the competition. For an extra 50$, you can also add a chain of custody form to it and make your results court-viable. This, of course, includes all the steps described already, like sample collection within a certified facility and so on. Note that shipping is not free, so you can expect to add an extra 8$ (regular mail) or 20$ (express) to the price.

Price: $199.00

Choosing The Best Sibling DNA Test For Your Needs

Sibling DNA tests are a very versatile tool in determining the existence of several biological relationships. You can establish or exclude a common paternity, identify mutual paternal ancestors/relatives, and find out whether you and other specific individuals are half/full siblings or not related at all. It’s at its most useful when the father is not available for DNA testing and you have to prove paternity through potential siblings.

On the other hand, choosing the best sibling DNA test for you can be a bit of a daunting task. There are a lot of providers out there and finding the “right” one can feel like searching a Y chromosome in a female mitochondrial signature. That’s why our rankings system takes upon itself to show you a wide spectrum of high-quality options available.

All of the enumerated companies will be the best choice in different corner cases. For example, if you want a company that provides a massive amount of various products, Live Well Testing will meet even the pickiest of demands. EasyDNA should be your top choice if you’re worried about shipping options and immediate support in your country. DDC is designed for people looking for surgical accuracy and Paternity Depot will definitely meet you halfway if budget is a problem.

As we said, you only need to define your situation and what are you looking to get out of the sibling DNA testing experience. Our comprehensive ultimate rankings will take care of the rest.

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