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Debunking Myths And Exposing Truths About DNA Tests

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DNA & Weight Loss

May 31, 2022

According to numerous scientific studies, our genetic makeup affects every single aspect of our physical and mental existence, including our ability to absorb and process nutrients, lose weight, and keep it from coming back. Read more about DNA testing for weight loss in this comprehensive guide.

Scientist with DNA copying & Adoption

May 30, 2022

At-home ancestry DNA tests are more popular than ever, especially among people searching for their genealogical roots. How these tests can be used in cases of adoptees looking for their real parents and vice versa is a burning question that deserves an honest answer. Read this guide to find out if AncestryDNA test can help adoptees reconnect with their biological families.

microbiologist with a tube of biological sample contaminated by Coronavirus

At-Home COVID-19 Tests

March 25, 2020

At-home testing companies are joining the battle against coronavirus with their proprietary COVID-19 tests that allow users to collect the required samples and get the final results without ever leaving their homes. Learn more about direct-to-customer COVID-19 tests in this regularly updated guide.

Dna test in the lab. a laboratory technician with a dispenser in his hands

How To Find Birth Parents Through DNA

February 19, 2020

Learn more about modern ancestry, relationship, and health-related DNA tests and find out how they can help you on your journey to discovering your true genetic origins and locating your biological parents.

DNA test tube and cotton swab, wipe test

Ashkenazi DNA And 23andMe

February 10, 2020

If you suspect Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry on either side of your family, performing a DNA test to confirm it and determine your carrier status for dangerous hereditary diseases is essential, especially if you are thinking about starting a family. Read this analysis to learn how 23andMe’s ancestry and health tests can help you with your genetic exploration.

Ancestry and Family Tree

Can DNA Testing Confirm Jewish Ancestry

February 4, 2020

Apart from satisfying your curiosity, discovering your Jewish genetic origins can provide you with a wide variety of actionable information regarding the history of your family, your genetic health, and your potential carrier status for some of the most common hereditary diseases specific to Jewish populations. Learn more in this guide.

motivated scientists working on important DNA problems

Best DNA Test For Jewish Ancestry

January 29, 2020

Determining your potential Jewish ancestral origins does not just satisfy your personal curiosity and steer your genealogical exploration in the right direction, but it can also help you discover your potential carrier status and genetic predisposition for certain hereditary diseases. Find the best DNA tests for Jewish ancestry in this detailed guide.

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Infidelity DNA Testing

January 23, 2020

Apart from examining ancestry, biological relationships, and health-related risks, modern DNA testing can help you determine whether your partner is faithful by using a wide variety of biological samples. Read this comprehensive overview to learn more about infidelity DNA tests and how they can help you disperse your doubts once and for all.

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23andMe & Adoption

January 8, 2020

The most important questions when it comes to adoptees and popular at-home DNA testing services is whether DNA tests can identify one’s biological parents and tell them more about their ancestry and genetic origins. Read this brief analysis to learn if 23andMe can answer these questions for you.

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