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Ancestry Review

AncestryDNA Review

AncestryDNA offers extremely affordable pricing for their autosomal DNA test. An extensive database paired with an active online community will yield DNA matches you couldn’t even dream of, all backed up by 16 billion historical records. 700,000 genetic markers checked ensure surgical precision. Explore their complete offer in our AncestryDNA review.

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Embark Review

Embark Review

Embark is a successful startup, coming from two brother scientists who dedicated their lives to studying the genetic background of dog illnesses and traits. Their comprehensive dog DNA test covers breed breakdown, ancestry overview, health reports, professional nutritional recommendations, and much more. Read the complete story here.

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Living DNA Review

Living DNA Review

The broadest geographical coverage of matching ancestry and ethnicity comes with Living DNA. English Isles are represented with 21-region breakdown, which has been unheard of until now. Raw DNA results are also offered for matching with different databases and genealogy research websites. Read all about the testing motions in our detailed Living DNA review.

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Best Cheap DNA Tests Of 2017

DNA testing of today doesn’t have to bring upon the budget-crippling effects it did in the past. Our guide brings a healthy mix of budget-friendly providers for ancestry, relationship, animal, and genetic age testing.

Best Paternity Test Kits Of 2017

Paternity DNA testing is the most sought after genetic sequencing on the market. Ranging from discreet, curiosity, and legal to non-invasive prenatal testing, read about the best options in our in-depth guide.

Best Dog DNA Tests Of 2017

Our best dog DNA tests review offers an overview of the top DNA testing providers dedicated to animal DNA examinations. Read all about their services in this in-depth guide to the absolute best dog DNA tests of 2017!

Best Sibling DNA Tests Of 2017

Sibling DNA testing is the most versatile genetic tool at your disposal. Whether you want to satisfy your curiosity or require a court-viable proof of relationship, read about the best providers in our detailed review.

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Dog DNA Test Accuracy
October 24, 2017

Dog DNA Test Accuracy

Accuracy is by far the most important factor once you decide to “unlock” all the genetic secrets encoded in your dog’s DNA signature. There are many testing providers out there and finding the most reliable one can be rather difficult. Read our latest post to learn all the crucial determining factors for the overall reliability of dog DNA testing.

September 24, 2017

Dog DNA Test Cost

Pricing is one of the most important factors of dog DNA testing, especially if you’re a vet or breeder and tend to order dog DNA tests in bulk. Finding the right company for the job will greatly benefit your dog(s) but also save you time and money. Read our post to learn how to invest for the best results and receive special discounts for bulk orders.

Best Dna Tests
May 10, 2017

How To Choose The Best DNA Tests

Numerous science-heavy offers and hard-to-identify DNA testing needs make it surprisingly easy to miss the forest for the trees. Our guide on choosing the best DNA tests is the ultimate decision-making tool for a layman in need of one. It defines all DNA test categories and teaches the right questions to ask before reaching for your wallet.

When it comes to genetic science, DNA testing, and genealogy research, Top 10 DNA Tests is a veritable thesaurus of answers to all your burning inquiries. Our highly-versed and professional team is dedicated to making your choice as informed as possible. After thorough practical testing and theoretical research, we've eradicated anything that didn't live up to the highest of standards in the field. So, whether you need a paternity test, a court-viable immigration document, a deep ancestry analysis, forensic reports or a breed-confirmation DNA test for your pet, our DNA testing reviews will help you make the best possible decision.
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