Intriguing Reports On Breakthroughs, Discoveries, and Novelties In DNA Testing

23andMe Finds Link Between Hunger And Aggression

23andMe Finds Link Between Hunger And Aggression

June 21, 2018

23andMe was intrigued by the potential genetic connection between the feelings of hunger and anger/irritability. This mood was dubbed “hangry” in the 90s – and now we actually have the technology to explore the very roots of this phenomenon. Read our dedicated article and learn how our brain processes the feeling of “hangriness.”

MyHeritage 8 International Soccer Legends

MyHeritage Uncovers The Roots Of 8 International Soccer Legends

June 14, 2018

Apart from the World Cup, 2018 has brought us a very interesting soccer project launched by MyHeritage. The famous ancestry DNA testing provider tested eight soccer legends and revealed shocking facts about their ethnicity and ancestry. Read this article to find out more about the results and get an exclusive sneak peek at the final documentary.

Borussia Dortmund Players Test With MyHeritage DNA

Borussia Dortmund Players Test With MyHeritage DNA

May 25, 2018

MyHeritage is the official partner of Borussia Dortmund on its 2018 US summer tour. As such, the DNA testing provider will help three of its players discover more about their families through DNA testing. After their reports are done, MyHeritage will share its findings with us, so stay tuned for some never before revealed facts about Patrick Owomoyela, Mahmoud Dahoud, and Nuri Sahin.

23andMe Teams Up With Tribeca Studios

23andMe Teams Up With Tribeca Studios For A Series Of DNA Films

April 25, 2018

In order to bring DNA testing closer to the general public, 23andMe has joined forces with Tribeca Studios to produce a series of DNA films. The films will be created by individuals who will use genetic testing to uncover the past. Read this post to learn more about this initiative and get all the information shared with us by 23andMe representatives.

Celebrate National DNA Day

DNA Testing Providers Offer Discounts To Celebrate National DNA Day

April 24, 2018

Another DNA Day is upon us and the best DNA testing companies in the world will help you celebrate by offering their unique testing solutions at significantly discounted prices. Read this article to learn a bit more about DNA Day and see which companies will allow you to save the most money during your genetic exploration.

Discover Your Dogs Perfect Buddy With Embark

Discover Your Dog’s Perfect Buddy With Embark’s Exciting New Feature

April 19, 2018

Embark dog DNA testing company has once again shown why it is so well-loved among dog lovers worldwide by introducing a lovely new feature called Mix Match Buddies. This fun tool matches pooches that are most alike in terms of their breed composition. Read our report and find out how Embark can help you find your best pal’s most compatible buddies.

23andMe Introduces A New Carrier Status Report

23andMe Introduces A New Carrier Status Report

April 10, 2018

23andMe is keeping up with its practice of introducing new carrier status reports into its portfolio, bringing the total number to 43 (44 next month). This latest report will inform you about your carrier status for familial hyperinsulinism caused by three variants in the ABCC8 gene. Read this article for more information.

MyHeritage Adds 27.1 Million Records

MyHeritage Adds 27.1 Million Records To Its SuperSearch Database

April 3, 2018

MyHeritage welcomed 2018 with significant upgrades to its features and genealogical tools and resources, continuing to add more value to its service with every passing month. A few days ago, the company introduced 27.1 million historical records to its SuperSearch, bringing the total number to 8.96 billion. Read more in this post.

Hands On With MyHeritage Webinar

Hands-On With MyHeritage Webinar

April 1, 2018

Whether you had your DNA tested with MyHeritage or just uploaded your results from another company, Hands-On With MyHeritage webinar is a perfect guide through your DNA matches, ethnicity estimates, and much more. Check out this article to learn more about the webinar and watch it completely free of charge.

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