23andMe Launches New iPad App

July 20, 2018

In an effort to make genetic information and insights even more accessible to its customers, 23andMe has introduced an app to support the iPad. 

23andMe Launches New iPad App

The recently added app was launched to answer the growing demand of customers who wanted access to their data on the go. Apart from allowing mobile access, the app introduced some functional improvements, including: 

  • Bigger ancestral maps with higher interactivity levels and excellent animations 
  • Full access to all of the available filters when inspecting DNA relatives from the Connections tab 
  • More comparative information in the Connections list and an easy way to send messages back and forth from a sidebar 

Apart from developing a brand-new iPad app, 23andMe also implemented numerous improvements in its mobile apps, including: 

  • Faster startup times 
  • Simpler way to upload a profile photo from your phone 
  • New research dashboard 
  • New Connection tab, where you can easily access your list of relatives and connections 


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