Dog DNA Test Cost

November 20, 2017

When choosing the right DNA test for your animal friend, apart from all the scientific segments of DNA testing, you also have to factor in the overall price of canine genetic testing, especially if you are a breeder looking to obtain proof of pedigree for your litters.

Similar to their human counterparts, the best dog DNA tests vary in prices and numerous other details. That’s why it’s very important to precisely define your particular needs in order to make the best decision to fit your budget.  

Our today’s post will focus on the average price range of canine genetic profiling and also point out some of the most respected dog testing companies on the market.     

DNA Test dog Cost


To help you choose the best test for your pup, we have researched and analyzed a lot of companies offering this kind of DNA testing and come up with a list of the best dog DNA tests currently on the market. These are:

  • Wisdom Panel  Wisdom Panel currently offers 4 different high-quality tests, the most recent inclusion being Wisdom Panel Health at the price of 149.99$. Wisdom Panel 4.0 costs 84.99$, offering canine genetic mapping across more than 250 breeds.
  • Embark  Embark developed a test that follows the “all-in-one” model, meaning the company features only one test that offers information about your dog’s breed composition (among 250 different breeds) and carrier status for 165 genetic diseases and conditions. It also determines your dog’s genetic age and translates it into “human years.” On top of that, you’ll receive a list of comprehensive wellness recommendations based on your dog’s carrier report and genetic age. The price of the Embark test is 199$.
  • EasyDNA  The company offers 5 canine genetic tests ranging from 75$ to 306$. The tests include Dog DNA Testing Without the Mother (306.00$), DNA My Dog Breed Test (79.00$), Dog Breed Identification Testing (91.00$), Dog Parentage Test (198.00$), and Dog Inherent Disease & Trait Test (75.00$).
  • Live Well Testing  This is an e-commerce company with an impressive portfolio of animal DNA tests whose price tags usually hover around 40$. When it comes to dogs, the company offers reagent test strips, tests for urinary tract infections and fecal worms, general wellness testing packs, glucose monitors, and tests for blood heartworm, Ehrlichia or Lyme. 
  • DDC Veterinary  The company offers Wisdom panel 3.0 Breed Identification Test (79$ + shipping), Canine DNA Parentage Test (38$ per sample + shipping), Canine DNA Profiling/Genotyping (38$ per sample + shipping), Canine Inherited Disease Tests (58$ per sample + shipping, 10$ discount for 5 samples sent at the same time), and Inherited Traits Testing (58$ per sample + shipping, 10$ discount for 5 samples sent at the same time).  

Is Dog DNA Testing Worth The Money?

Dog DNA Test for Money

Whether you’re interested in finding out “what your dog is” with zero room for error or just want to know its genetic prerequisites for certain diseases and conditions, DNA testing is by far the best way of obtaining all the essential information.

The test results will usually come with certain recommendations and instructions based on your dog’s genetic profile. These can include appropriate exercise routines, feeding regimens, and more.

Bottom line: If you would like to know more about your animal friend and provide it with the best care possible, canine DNA tests are definitely worth the money.


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