EasyDNA is probably the most international DNA testing company currently on the market. Since their inception in 2006, they’ve managed to create a network of over 25 offices all around the world. This EasyDNA Animal review will focus on our furry friends, examining their offer of DNA tests for dogs. 

EasyDNA has conducted more than 300,000 DNA tests since it was launched, maintaining an optimal level of service and user experience at all times. Their staff employs highly trained scientists on one side and very forthcoming and knowledgeable user support staff on the other. For any additional questions, you can always contact them via phone, email or live chat. 

EasyDNA Animal homepage

How EasyDNA Animal Works

DNA testing for dogs with EasyDNA follows the well-established protocol: 

  • Online order  You can place an order for a dog DNA test kit directly on their website; 
  • Sample collection  All you have to do here is follow the provided instructions and perform a simple mouth swab;  
  • Returning the test kit  Once you have the sample, you can just mail it to EasyDNA’s testing facility in the provided envelope;
  • Reading the final results  These can have various turnaround times, depending on the difficulty of the test and other factors. The electronic version of the final report is free, but you can also receive a written version, which will include packing surcharge and postal fees.

Make sure that your dog hasn’t eaten anything before the mouth swab. The presence of food can potentially contaminate the sample, which will result in a failed DNA test. If you decide to dry the swabs in a glass, always put the cotton side up and never mix the swabs of different dogs. You also shouldn’t touch the cotton part to inspect whether it’s completely dry or not. About an hour should give it just enough time to dry, after which you can just put it in an envelope and send it back for processing. Be sure to match the colors of the swabs and the envelopes. 

Why Choose EasyDNA Animal

Opting for EasyDNA dog testing has numerous advantages. Let’s take a look at the complete list of their prominent features: 

  • Cutting-edge processing facilities and dog-DNA-testing technology;
  • The laboratory is owned by the company and has an ISO17025 accreditation status; 
  • Highly trained and professional staff;
  • 6 different DNA tests for dogs;
  • High accuracy of the tests;
  • You can create your own dog DNA testing kit and mail it to EasyDNA; 
  • Worldwide shipping;
  • 25 offices in different countries; 
  • A multitude of payment options; 
  • Customer service awards;
  • Customer support available in multiple languages; 
  • Exhaustive knowledge base with numerous instructions and clarifications; 
  • Budget-friendly prices;
  • Fast results;
  • Partnerships with reputable clinics and other relevant institutions all over the world.     


EasyDNA incorporates 6 dog DNA tests, including:

Dog DNA Testing Without The Mother

Dog DNA Testing Without The Mother (306.00$)  This is the most expensive test due to the fact that it’s the most complex and demanding one. It establishes the parentage of your dog/litter in a definitive manner, guaranteeing 99.99% accuracy. The mother’s DNA is very important for dog DNA testing even if you’re 100% sure who the mother is. It aids the testers greatly in identifying the sire, making the procedure much more difficult when working without it. This is the first scientific manner of establishing pedigree without the mother present. The results are usually generated after 10 business days.

DNA My Dog Breed Test

DNA My Dog Breed Test (79.00$)  This test provides complete data on the genetic makeup of your dog. It explores its full breed composition, providing information about your dog’s personality, unique traits, and potential diseases. The results will offer a full breakdown of the genetic composition, a detailed guide to personality traits, behaviors you can expect, and optimal exercise routines. The final report is generated within 2-3 weeks.

DNA My Dog Breed Test

Dog Breed Identification Testing

Dog Breed Identification Testing (91.00$)  The test allows you to identify the key breeds behind your dog’s genetic makeup. The results will determine whether it’s a purebred, a mongrel or a mixed breed dog. The test inspects 321 genetic markers and covers a range of more than 185 dog breeds. The results arrive in 3 weeks and they’ll show the dominant and secondary breeds in your dog’s DNA strain.

Dog Parentage Test

Dog Parentage Test

Dog Parentage Test (198.00$)  The purpose of this test is to establish the true parentage of your dog in a definitive manner. The results provide a certified pedigree and eliminate any doubt of multiple sires for your litter.

The price includes testing the samples of the sire, dam, and one offspring. There’s an additional cost if you want to test more than one sire or offspring. The results are generated within 10 business days. 

Dog Inherent Disease & Trait Test

Dog Inherent Disease & Trait Test (75.00$)  The genetic composition of your dog dictates which diseases are likely to occur and this test offers a reliable way of establishing genetic susceptibility to certain conditions. EasyDNA tests for 9 genetic diseases total. The price for additional tests on the same dog is 39$. The usual turnaround time is 7 days.

Dog Poop DNA Testing

Dog Poop DNA Testing (price on request)  This test is more focused on irresponsible owners who keep on allowing their dogs to defecate in public without cleaning it up. You can easily identify the perpetrator by sending the collected dog poop to be analyzed in the EasyDNA lab. 

EasyDNA Animal dog test

Apart from dog DNA testing, EasyDNA also offers avian DNA sexing and feline PKD testing.    

Privacy And Security

EasyDNA uses 128-bit SSL encryption for all interactions with their website. You can inspect the encryption certificate on their order page.  

The company values the privacy of their customers and will not store information about your credit card. This, however, prevents them from processing any additional payments. If some extra expenses arise, you’ll have to go through the order process again.  

The final results of your dog DNA test are also strictly confidential and the company will never share them with any third parties. The sample will be destroyed as soon as the results are generated. If you so choose, you can pay a small additional fee for prolonged sample storage. The company can keep the specimen in the archives for up to 6 months.  

The dog DNA test kit you’ll receive once you place the order will be placed inside an unmarked box without any company logos or other markings.  

Shipping And Handling

You test kit will be shipped within 24 hours of the initial order. Depending on your geographical location, it should arrive within 2 work days or so. The overall price of the test will be affected by your chosen delivery option. You can opt for standard or express delivery, as well as for first-class mail in case of an emergency.  

As we already mentioned at the beginning of this EasyDNA Animal review, the test kit guarantees absolute anonymity with its plain, unmarked envelope, on top of the strict privacy policy employed by the company.  

In case you need several test kits shipped at different locations, EasyDNA can do that for you. They can also send them to different countries, so it doesn’t really matter where the test subjects are.  You can pay for your test of choice with credit cards and PayPal or through a bank transfer and money order/bank draft. 

Bottom Line

EasyDNA is one of the best options for dog DNA testing currently available. They are also the most widespread DNA testing company. This means that you can perform as many tests as you want without having to worry about logistics and geographic positioning. They also provide country-specific iterations of the original website alongside customer support in your native language, so you can get properly informed about the specifics relevant to your region. All in all, they may be the ideal company for uncovering all the secrets locked in the DNA of your 4-legged friends. 

EasyDNA Animal Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of EasyDNA Animal, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Scope Of DNA Test(s)
Test Processing Times
Privacy & Security
Value For Money
Overall Experience
Final Rating8.6/10

User Reviews (4)

    EasyDNA Animal user rating based on 4 user reviews.

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  • Submitted By Jack Landon on 08/21/2017
    A really neat way of getting a bulletproof breed certificate for an entire litter.
  • Submitted By Klaus Schwartz on 07/15/2017
    I had some questions regarding the parentage test and the user support talked to me in German language and resolved all my doubts.
  • Submitted By Ian Blackmoore on 05/09/2017
    I only wish the test without the mother was a bit cheaper.
  • Submitted By Craig Dawkins on 04/03/2017
    The kit arrived in 2 days, the results were also super fast and they pretty much confirmed my initial thoughts.
EasyDNA Animal Review
Updated : 2018-04-18
Rating : 8.6/10
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