Best DNA Diet Test Kits

January 8, 2018

Diet-related DNA tests are designed to help you and your healthcare practitioner create an individualized healthy eating regimen based on your genetic predispositions. These testing solutions also provide valuable insight into your individual reactions to saturated fats and carbohydrates, as well as exercise intensity, enabling your dietitian to personalize your eating plan even further. Some companies provide you with a recommended diet plan created by their in-house professionals.

DNA diet tests examine a variable number of SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that impact your metabolism, eating behaviors, and absorption/storage of carbohydrates and fats. Scientific studies have clearly shown that there is no one-size-fits-all eating plan, so testing your unique genetic signature may be the only way of obtaining in-depth knowledge of the best nutritional regimen for you.

Best DNA Diet Test Kits

Our Recommendations

As with any service or product, some providers are simply better than others. In order to help you navigate through the often confusing DNA testing market, we implemented our trademark ranking system and applied our rigorous set of criteria to all known companies that offer DNA testing options related to nutrition and dieting. Here’s our list of the best providers currently on the market:

  • Vitagene – For only 49.00$, Vitagene will provide you with a comprehensive diet report (tailored food list, obesity risk, gluten sensitivity, alcohol metabolism, emotional eating, cholesterol levels, weight regain after dieting, triglyceride levels, fat intake, lactose sensitivity, and sodium intake), fitness report (customized exercise plan, power vs. endurance exercise, muscle strength, muscle cramps, exercise behavior, blood pressure response, and wait response to exercise), and personalized supplementation plan.
  • EasyDNA – The DNA diet test offered by EasyDNA currently costs 139.00$ and provides information about your ability to lose weight and process proteins, carbs, and fats, your need for certain vitamins and nutrients, and your response to cardio and strength training. Your test results will be available within 15-20 business days after your sample has been received and the report will have more than 70 pages.
  • 23andMe – If you want to go with 23andMe, the part of the final report dealing with your genetic health will have a subsection dedicated to wellness, which includes alcohol flush reaction, deep sleep, caffeine consumption, genetic weight, lactose intolerance, muscle composition, sleep movement, and saturated fat and weight. You can order the health-related reports only alongside 23andMe’s ancestry test, which amounts to 199.00$ total. The results are usually available 6-8 weeks after your specimen has been received.
  • New Life Genetics – The company offers three relevant testing solutions, including its Sport & Fitness DNA Test for Men/Women (296.01$) and its DNA Test for Weight Loss (227.17$). These tests will help you discover the impact of your DNA variations on your health and fitness, provide scientific advice tailored to your genotype, reveal your genetic predispositions regarding skin health, body weight, and sporting ability, and show you how to lose weight in accordance with your genotype.
  • Orig3n – The company offers a solid set of high-quality testing solutions that cover your nutrition (149.00$), vitamins (49.00$), metabolism (49.00$), caffeine tolerance (29.00$), lactose intolerance (29.00$), hunger & weight (49.00$), and alcohol tolerance (29.00$).
  • Pathway Genomics – When it comes to personalized reports, Pathway Genomics offers its trademark testing solutions, including PathwayFit (299.00$), FiT IQ (99.00$), and Gluten Fit (149.00$), as well as numerous other tests that can only be ordered by physicians for their patients.
  • HomeDNA – Here, we have HomeDNA Healthy Weight (119.00$), which can provide you with personalized recommendations regarding the best foods for your caloric needs, optimal nutrients and supplements, and ideal exercises for your unique genetic signature Vitagene.

After you receive your final report, you can expand your knowledge by consulting a professional genetic counselor that can help you interpret your results. Most of the companies we listed above have their own in-house counseling teams featuring experienced professionals in the fields of genetics, nutrition, diet, health, and wellness. You can also complement your results with additional DNA testing regarding physical traits, lifestyle, skincare, and many other aspects. Keep in mind that genetic counseling is usually charged extra, so make sure to contact user support and ask all the questions you might have before ordering additional services.

Testing Procedure

dna diet Testing Procedure

All of the companies on our list implement the so-called direct-to-customer testing model. The only difference between at-home and lab testing lies in the sample collection procedure. The first option allows you to collect your biological specimen at home while the latter requires a visit to a testing center, clinic or some other certified institution. 

The at-home testing procedure begins when you place an order online and ends when you receive your results. In between those two moments, you’ll receive your personal DNA testing kit, collect your DNA sample, and return the kit to the company’s processing facility. Testing kits usually come with prepaid return mailers, so you won’t have to worry about any additional charges. When the lab receives your sample, the sequencing process will commence and you’ll usually receive an email notification once your personal report has been generated. Some companies will send your results by mail while others will only make them available on your personal account.


As you can see, DNA testing is the only definitive way of discovering your nutritional requirements, optimal exercise plans, recommended lifestyle changes, (in)tolerance to certain foods and ingredients, and many other key factors for establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

The point of DNA diet testing is to allow you to work together with your genetic makeup, not against it. Although still controversial, this field already has tens of thousands of scientific papers and peer-reviewed publications with substantial evidence to establish a valid connection between your dietary habits and your genetics. 

This guide was envisioned as an initial step into the magnificent world of your genetic signature and as a tool designed to help you create a perfect balance between your genetics and daily habits and routines. We hope it managed to fulfill its purpose and point you in the right direction toward a new, healthier, and happier lifestyle. 

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