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This website features affiliate links. For purchases made via these links, we earn commissions that allow us to keep producing helpful content. To find out more click here. Close is the world’s largest DNA app store. The company employs Universal Genetic Data Compatibility technology to allow any app to process genetic data from any DNA test and any company, including 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, and many others. In other words, it transforms DNA data into actionable information. was launched in 2014 by Brandon Colby, M.D., MBA, who dedicated his entire career to personal genomics and anti-aging medicine. Colby was born with a rare genetic disease called epidermolysis bullosa simplex (EB), which sparked his interest in genetics early on and led to his lifelong commitment to advancing medicine through DNA. 

If you want to learn more about Dr. Colby’s company and its services, read our in-depth review and learn how to turn your DNA test results into valuable resources. 

How Works has a very complicated website (unnecessarily so, if we may add), which makes it rather difficult to understand what the company actually does. Having said that, we will try to simplify its services as much as possible, so that even laymen can understand how works. 

To put it simply, takes your DNA testing results and translates them into concrete facts regarding your genetics. It gives you access to numerous apps that use your DNA data as input and calculate various important factors. There are apps that can tell you more about your genetic weight loss capabilities, nutritional requirements, longevity, wellness, personality, exercise injury risks, and much more based solely on your DNA. If you don’t have your DNA data already, features a wide network of partners that offer all sorts of DNA testing options. 

sequencing com how work

With that out of the way, we can go over the actual steps required to reap the benefits offered by 

  • Registration – Creating your personal account is free of charge. All you need to do is provide your email address and come up with a password. Once you create your account, you will receive a confirmation email featuring a link that will allow you to access it for the first time. The confirmation email will be sent from Note that it might end up in your Spam folder. 
  • Logging in – You can log in to your account from any web browser on pretty much any device with Internet access. This includes desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. One of the most common login errors is caused by leaving extra spaces before or after the text when typing in your email or password, so make sure to include only the requested information in the boxes without any empty spaces. 
  • Indicating who you are – Your experience will be customized to suit your personal needs and preferences. In order to accomplish this, the company offers a certain number of descriptions that help the program provide you with information tailored to your specific profile. The list includes researcher, bioinformatics expert, software/app developer, individual or family, health care professional, enterprise or laboratory, student, and teacher. Note that you can choose more than one. 
  • Apps – At this point, you can start browsing the App Store and familiarizing yourself with the available functionalities. Once you find an app you’re interested in, you can simply add it to your account and start using it. 
  • Uploading your genetic data – As we already mentioned in our review, your chosen app will need your DNA data to use as input. You can upload your data in 4 different ways: using the Upload Center (for files up to 100 MB); using Big Yotta – Secure File Upload, which is ideal for uploading entire genome sequences; directly from a cloud provider like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Cloud, Amazing Web Services (AWS), and others.; importing your data directly from the laboratory using the Upload Center. 

Why Choose combines popular technology and genetics, making the whole process much more user-friendly for individuals without any previous DNA testing experience. Here are some of its biggest advantages: 

  • Convenient DNA reports on your desktop, tablet or mobile device 
  • App compatible with any genetic test offered by the most popular DNA testing companies (MyHeritage, 23andMe, Ancestry, FamilyTree DNA, Living DNA, National Geographic, and others.) 
  • Experience tailored to your personal profile 
  • Impressive number of different apps that turn your raw DNA data into useful information 
  • Fast and simple setup process 
  • Unlimited storage for genetic data for every account 
  • Team of proven experts and professionals 
  • Numerous reputable partners worldwide 
  • Collaboration with 4 DNA testing companies with CLIA-certified laboratories 
  • Altruist programs that help you support scientific research 


As mentioned, doesn’t feature any proprietary DNA testing options. This, however, is not inherently a problem since the company has a wide network of DNA testing partners that offer all sorts of screening solutions. If you don’t have your DNA data, you can obtain it through some of the following companies: 

  • Toolbox Genomics – Toolbox offers comprehensive at-home genetic testing performed in CLIA-certified facilities. The available testing options include Empower (Health Enrichment) – 157.00$; Thrive (Weight Management) – 157.00$; Nourish (Nutrition Optimization) – 157.00$; RunDNA (Endurance Performance) – 157.00$. 
  • Silverberry Genomix – Silverberry is also an at-home DNA testing company that allows you to collect your DNA sample in the privacy of your home and mail it back to the lab for further processing. Its test costs 89.00$ and also includes Wellness and 27 Vitamin Reports. You can add an additional Premium DNA Wellness Report of your choice. 
  • Dante Labs – The company offers 6 different at-home testing solutions, including whole genome and whole exome sequencing. The prices range from 129€ to 600€. 
  • Genomics Personalized Health (GPH) – GPH offers whole genome testing done in a CLIA-certified laboratory located in the US. Note that this is a physician-ordered test.
sequencing com test

When it comes to available apps, there are simply too many to number, so we will list only the top choices as picked by customers: 

  • Athletic Training Pro by Silverberry Genomix (159.00$ / file) – This app provides you with genetically tailored guidance for optimizing your athletic potential. 
  • Lean and Fit by Silverberry Genomix (149.00$ / file) – Lean and Fit is an app designed to help you optimize your physique according to your genetics. It lowers the required time investment and maximizes your results. 
  • Healthcare Pro by App MD (75.00$ / file) – This app is able to analyze human DNA data from any technology or laboratory. It is designed to help any practicing healthcare professional. 
  • Ancestry & Genealogy by Eone-Diagnomics Genome Center (9.99$ / use) – This app will help you discover your heritage and the story of your ancestors. It has recently received a huge upgrade with significant performance enhancements. 
  • Vitamin Balance by Silverberry Genomix (9.99$ / file) – This app lets you discover your vitamin balance based on your DNA. The results cover 17 trait reports, assorted risk assessments, and professional recommendations. 
  • LifeNome Total Wellness by LifeNome Inc. (199.00$ / file) – With this app, you can explore your DNA-influenced personality profiles with 140 trait reports, assorted risk assessments, and professional recommendations. 
  • Weight Loss by Silverberry Genomix (149.00 / file) – This app will reveal your genetic ability to lose weight quickly and provide you with personalized insights regarding aerobic performance, exercise aversion, carb overconsumption, joint injury risk, exercise benefits for lowering cholesterol, and many more. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. offers many more useful apps designed to tell you everything about yourself through your genetic data. The official website features in-depth descriptions for each and every app, so we definitely recommend familiarizing yourself with their full potential. 

Privacy And Security adheres to the Privacy Shield Agreement regarding the transfer of personal information from the EU and Switzerland to the US. It also complies with HIPAA and GINA rules and regulations. From this, we can hint that the company is headquartered in Switzerland, although its location is not explicitly stated anywhere on the website or social media profiles. gathers and uses only that personal data necessary to ensure the proper functioning of its services and security of your account. The company will never sell your personal information and can only disclose it in a couple of cases defined by its Privacy Policy. 

However, the company does log a lot of information, including your IP address, ISP, browser type, operating system, referring/exit pages, date/time stamps, and the list of pages you visited. No company actually “needs” this type of information, no matter what they say, so this extensive logging policy may be a dealbreaker for some people.  

sequencing com Privacy And Security

Shipping And Handling does not sell DNA tests, so there is no shipping involved in the purchasing of its services. On the other hand, if you order any of the aforementioned DNA tests from its partners, you can check their respective shipping rates and geographic coverage on the official websites. 

Bottom Line is a very innovative and, dare we say, revolutionary company that combines modern information technologies with genetic testing. It allows its customers to test their DNA or expand upon their original test results. In other words, if you already performed an ancestry DNA test, for example, you don’t have to do any additional testing if you want to learn more about, let’s say, your genetic health or ability to lose weight. You can simply add dedicated apps to your personal account, upload your genetic data, and receive your results in just a couple of seconds. In that regard, redefines the meaning of convenience when it comes to DNA testing. 

User Reviews (4) customer rating based on 4 user reviews.

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  1. Shanley | December 29, 2022

    This company is a scam. I spent $379 to wait months for absolutely nothing… My kit (and apparently a TON of others) failed and not only did I have to contact customer support myself… But customer support stopped responding and I’ve heard nothing for weeks… I’m about the go through the better business bureau to get a refund because this is ridiculous

  2. Dianne MacKay | March 22, 2021

    I have such a similar journey! It’s kinda awesome you believe carriers can be symptomatic for disease. I’ve been wondering that same thing. With as little as they actually do know about rare diseases and genes, how can they definitively say a carrier would not? Also genes with little frequency they say are benign yet a person has all the symptoms of that disease just on the wrong portion to be disease causing….?? Doesn’t make sense. I’m finding most doctor’s are stuck in the box of old school teaching and are failing those of us with chronic diseases and especially those who don’t present with typical findings. Stuck in the box. Take care. I hope you find relief from your pain.

  3. Barbara Echeverria | November 29, 2020

    Thank you from the bottom of my highly defective O negative blood type to Hannah, Joy and Sequencing for all you are doing for us. Getting a Genetic test has been an impossible dream for over a decade, working with kids and declining significantly by the age of 29 I became so deteriorated over 14 years working in government buildings with asbestos [ a condition not seen often for over ten years] and after years of obvious deterioration made more burdensome by the fact, we had not noticed I had commenced the painful and difficult process of remember while having memory diseases that affect it significantly.
    A heart breaking, humiliating process that cost me more years attempting to find some place that could assist us in better understanding of my constant and not restrictive decline and how simple or intricates things can affect it has been instrumental in saving my life. I have had doctors state I either do not feel what I feel, or need to do things like run high impact three miles rather then two but have agene that states I am at a much higher frequency of knee damage then others and not only is it contradictory but wont yield the result I need and damage more along the way I have hereditary glaucoma but it was thought it may have been acquired without genetic now we know better and can monitor the progression in away that benefits me now not in thirty years when I am so sick it’s obvious why.
    Sadly, after years of specialist, seeing three genetics under my blue cross PPO from work that cost me for over seven years $1500 a month I was told Genetics probably would not help me, when I developed a fatty liver at age 29 years with a minimal drinker , for years decades getting worse and even developing a secondary spleen after thousands of dollars in health insurance, alternative medicine, specialist , travel to specialist , homeopaths , metal removal, removal of any alcohol down to avoiding creams etc. and have all of it not yielded the help it should have while I worsened , because of the genetic work now done we know that I have a genetic predisposition affected by others factor and may need a transplant the older I get which is already problematic as I am also O negative blood type a very small number of people to chose from that could help me.
    14 Years later, hundred emails from scientist to doctors , over twenty companies form the States to Europe and waiting for companies to lower its prices, for companies to change their mythology and alter its findings we were able to order our first test from a competitive company last year for $1500 but sadly lacking so much data with life threatening implications for a rare negative blood type like myself which was terrible for me though helped in some ways , A good start but 14 years later too late to be a starting point and appoint price that for means a month of rent. Then finally I found Hannah and Joy at Sequencing, I compared data across at least twenty companies, asked question I had no idea of and one’s I had asked before but with memory issues I may forget I remembered , people have a hard time with you repeating once for a lunch order but when it’s over 3 thousand and can save your life the wrong company may not provide you the lifesaving data you need and cost you everything , Hannah and Joy’s professionalism, expertise levels on all ground of genetics testing, and equally crucial; their kind patience gave me and my family the tools to make the best decisions and a pivotal building block to add on to for years to come . What we know in genetics though impressive is small compared the data it can provide, I certainly believe that Genetic Testing will be pivotal in developmental of fetuses until death and it can provide the kind of specialized medicine we have needed for so long and what is becoming a reality in generations to come even if won’t be the answer to all it will leap us in ways we have needed for hundreds of years, with its improvements, new information and scientific trials , Genetics and its understanding will improve on those blocks and it is as simply as grammar school is for adult hood , providing us with the tools we can all have and need to better care for ourselves.With so much information ever changing around the world it is Hannah and Joy who give it that human factor and gentle touch to ease the billions of small strands of information that may lead to something or nothing, because I spent 14 years ill and researching my labs alone drawing possible conclusions of my health decline by metrics like ethnicity, age, sex, blood type, geographic location etc. having the miracle that is 30 x sequence at less the 4 hundred is a miracle that has answered ancestry , geography , perturbation, lifestyle effects and more importantly data like CFTR Cystic Fibrosis code which as a carrier was believed to have zero implications and through the hard work of amazing people in their fields we understand certain carriers can feel 37 out 39 symptoms and different combinations can worsen or better it , my doctor and I are able to make better decision and understand while my half collapsed lungs are having such a hard time alone and in that alone genetics can save my life and that of my kids , grandchildren etc.…….
    Without this I would suffer silently being told you are a carrier it means nothing and how do you know which gene you have? A Machiavelli level guessing game threatened by looming restrictions that make it more difficult for families like mine to heal or receive the medical assistance we not only pay for but desperately need. For us it has meant being rendered disabled going from a vibrant mom to a bed bound patient in 14 years.
    And that is what my life has been reduced to being a disabled patient who very consistently is consumed with understand what is happening within that other’s may not see or help until the visibility is so pronounced, I can no longer recuperate or worse do something to worsen it ignorant of what is happening until it’s too late. Because of this and my families worsening health issues has lead to hours of research at all hours of the day or night and sometimes last minute questions where we attempt the impossible; to allocate monies for life threatening needs and/or electricity, a constant attempt leaving to many questions and as of the last year every time I have been blessed to have Sequencing’s Hannah and Joy to help me get through it ; their kind , expert assistance has been imperative in our ability to move forward , they have replied , assisted, broken it down sometimes multiple times and made consignments to help us meet our needs , testing our son , my husband and I . Even when another company has comparable items it is this care of experts like Hannah and Joy that eases my soul and helps me remember it’s not all data and numbers , I am not just a group of cellular and genetic changes predisposed by ancestors which I neither decided on or have had control over but with this I have a small ability to pass the crescendo and make decisions that ARE for me , by me , to help me and I hope in the process of all of to help the people I love so dearly never end up as sick as I have and live vibrant healthy safe life’s that empower them.

    • Dianne MacKay | March 22, 2021

      It’s kinda awesome you believe carriers can be symptomatic for disease. I’ve been wondering that same thing. With as little as they actually do know about rare diseases and genes, how can they definitively say a carrier would not? Also genes with little frequency they say are benign yet a person has all the symptoms of that disease just on the wrong portion to be disease causing….?? Doesn’t make sense. I’m finding most doctor’s are stuck in the box of old school teaching and are failing those of us with chronic diseases and especially those who don’t present with typical findings. Stuck in the box. Take care. I hope you find relief from your pain.

  4. Mac | November 23, 2020

    Sequencing has been my go-to place for genetics information for the past two years. All of my family’s genetic test data is stored in my free account. They come out with new reports every month and many of them provide information I have not been able to find anyplace else.

    I have had to contact support recently because i forgot to apply a discount code. They responded within an hour and without any push back they applied the discount by giving me a refund. I consider this excellent support.

    • LaQuisha Smith | March 17, 2023

      I purchased a Whole Genome Sequencing Bundle on 07/20/2022 for $404.00. They were late shipping off my kit and while my kit was processing they website was down for months, leaving me with no access to my DNA data. Prior to me purchasing my Whole Genome Sequencing Bundle I paid for several app tests with them, a loyal customer as well as I am still paying for the plus membership. On January 11,2023 at 9:36am est I contacted the company about them assigning me the wrong haplogroup, I spoke with the customer service specialist Logan Gregory about this issue. When we spoke he assured me that he would speak to their app developer to ask why how did they assign me the haplogroup that I was given. I had spoken to Logan Gregory about the haplogroup issues and about their website not working numerous times. On January 12th I was emailed and told that their other customer service specialist Kimberly will be contacting me about the haplogroup issue. Kimberly did call me but as she was trying to explain the reason why I received the haplogroup she stated that she didn’t know much about it herself. I was shocked that they would have her to call me about this issue and not the app developer who created the haplogroup test. I’ve taken other tests that gave me the correct haplogroup because those tests gave me the same haplogroup. When I called Logan back to ask to speak to the haplogroup app creator so he could better explain to me how he assigned that incorrect haplogroup, Logan told me that he would have him to give me a call on the next day. Well I never received that call and I was also blocked from business page. I’m in fear that I’ve been scammed just for access to my DNA. I DO NOT trust this company!!! I don’t feel comfortable with this company having access to my DNA and I also want a refund on my Whole Genome Sequence kit. I don’t feel like my DNA was even sequenced correctly. This company needs to be shutdown or they will continue to scam others. PEOPLE! THIS COMPANY IS A BIG SCAM!! PLEASE DON’T TRUST THEM WITH YOUR DNA OR MONEY!!! RUN!!! Because I’ve posted my honest review about this company and figured out they gave me a false haplogroup results with bad whole genome sequence files they have now threatened to cancel my account without my permission. They are canceling my account without my permission because I chose to speak out about how they have treated me as a customer. Also told me that I have 4 days to download my files and information or it all will be deleted and refused to refund me.

  5. Travis Nelson | September 22, 2020

    Awful customer service. They keep trying to sell you more membership even when you have one. Took me 8 months to get my DNA analyzed only to not be able to see any reports with out paying more money. I am into them for over $800 Canadian, complete scam in my mind. I would give them zero stars if I could

  6. Josh Hunter | July 31, 2020

    Ordered’s whole genome sequencing known as ultimate genome sequencing. Got my data in 9 weeks after my swab kit was returned to the laboratory. The $399 price for 30x sequencing had me skeptical but I have analyzed the data and the depth is consistently at 30x or above. So far very impressed by such high data quality. Includes many raw genome files that others don’t such as mitochondrial heteroplasmy and also provides online viewer (Genome Explorer) to search through my data although I also downloaded it. Delivered a promised.

  7. Travis Nelson | June 16, 2020

    Awful service. Waited 2.5 months for DNA results I paid $600 Canadian for only to be told the third party they used for the DNA (Nebula) botched my samples (or so they said insufficient DNA) now have to wait another 3 months. Try to contact them, no phone number. Takes days to get an email reply and never with a good answer. No refund policy so going though my credit card company to see if I can get my money back. Very disappointed. Companies like 23&Me are excellent. Save your money and heart ache look else where.

  8. Shannon | March 10, 2020

    Customer service and communication is greatly lacking. I am looking forward to trying out the apps as they seem to give a lot of information. I am still waiting on DNA results even though I received an email saying they were ready. Slow/no responses from support team. So far, not impressed.

    • Dianne MacKay | March 22, 2021

      Did you ever get your DNA results back? Everything work out?

  9. Gloria Simone | August 29, 2018

    I have my family’s ancestry gene data and 23andme gene data all stored at and am very happy. They have so many apps to choose from. I’ve used five of their apps (Wellness Longevity app, Empower app, Ancestry & Genealogy app, Vitamin Balance app and Genetic Counseling app) and have learned a tremendous amount about my family’s health. My doctor also found the information very helpful.

  10. Jenny Hide | May 9, 2018

    The apps are quite expensive but they saved me a ton of time I would spend ordering home tests, sending my samples back and waiting for results. The reports are more than exhaustive and they’re 60+ pages each. Great service and an awesome experience!

  11. Luke Jenkins | April 22, 2018

    I couldn’t believe how many apps were there once I started browsing the app store. I was able to get my ancestry, health, wellness, and fitness report in just a couple of seconds and couldn’t be more satisfied with the reports I got.

    • Tanya Holland | February 2, 2023

      Do you have to pay for each of the apps you choose?

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