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UPDATED Jan. 2020
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Dante Labs is a global NGS-based biotech company founded in 2016 with corporate offices in New York and Italy and partner genetic labs in the US, Europe, and Asia. The company offers multiple at-home DNA testing solutions and empowers its users with insights and knowledge about their genetic signatures so that they can start living healthier, longer, and happier lives. Keep reading this Dante Labs review to learn more about the company and its services.  

Dante Labs homepage printscreen

How Dante Labs Works

Dante Labs is a direct-to-customer testing provider, which means the procedure with this company involves the following steps: 

Placing an order – To get started with Dante Labs, first you need to place an order on the official website. When you pop the chosen test into your shopping cart, you can proceed to checkout where you will be prompted to provide certain customer information (email, first and last name, address, city, country, and postal code) and pick your payment method of choice (Dante Labs accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, PayPal, Bitpay, and others). Note that your billing address does not have to match the shipping address, which means you can also send the test(s) as a gift. Depending on your location, the testing kit should arrive in just 2-3 business days.

Collecting the sample – Once your personal at-home testing kit arrives, simply follow the provided instructions to collect your saliva sample and keep it safe from any potential contaminants. Note that you also have to register your unique personal ID on the site in order for the staff to connect your sample with your account.  

Sending the sample back to the lab – Once your sample is safely stored inside the provided saliva tube, simply mail it back to the lab using the UPS pre-paid return shipping label. You will receive the label in an email after making a purchase.

Inspecting the results – Around 50 business days after receiving your sample, the company will send you an email to inform you that your personal report has been generated. The company will also provide you with your raw DNA data, which you can use with other DNA companies that allow raw data import.  

Dante Labs illustration how it works

Why Choose Dante Labs

Apart from having corporate offices in both Europe and the US, Dante Labs provides its customers with high-quality and precise at-home genetic tests that cover everything from family traits to risks of dangerous genetic diseases. Here are some other benefits of using its services: 

  • Top-tier processing facilities in the US, Europe, and Asia 
  • 4 different testing options 
  • Numerous reports, including 200+ genetic diseases, 50+ wellness and longevity traits, reaction to 150+ drugs, and others
  • Simple testing procedure 
  • Illumina processing technology 
  • Genetic tests for clinics 
  • Cooperation with clinics and doctors in more than 20 countries 
  • Free global shipping 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Solid privacy policy and full GDPR compliance 


Dante Labs currently offers 4 different testing solutions, including:

  • Whole GenomeZ – Whole Genome Sequencing For Advanced Diagnostics (849.00  $968) 

Whole GenomeZ is an NGS (New Generation Sequencing) test with 130X coverage of the entire exome (part of the human genome that encodes proteins) and 30X coverage of the rest of the genome. It is a smart test that is as broad as WGS and as precise as WES. It has recently been expanded to include mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA). VCF data is also available with BAM and FASTQ is available upon request.  

  • My Full DNA: Whole Genome Sequencing With mtDNA (549.00 ≈ $683) 

This test is dedicated to providing you with full access to your genetic health, familial traits, and predispositions. The final reportfan covers medicine metabolism, the risk of cancer, heart and blood vessels, child development, fertility, digestive tract and liver, blood, neurology, pulmonology, infectious diseases, audiology, and much more.

  • Health, Wellness, And Longevity DNA Test (199.00 ≈ $227) 

This testing option covers more than 80 personal genetic reports, including risks for 200+ genetic diseases, 30+ wellness traits, and reaction to more than 100 medications. The test examines 650,000 SNPs and the usual turnaround time is just 3 weeks.  

Dante Labs test prices

Privacy And Security

Dante Labs collects the following user information: 

  • Information received when you use its services, including web-behavior data obtained through cookies and similar tracking technologies. 
  • Information shared by you directly, including self-reported and registration information as well as user-created content on the company’s forums and blogs. 
  • Information from DNA testing. In order to receive a Dante Labs report, the company’s technicians have to extract your DNA from your saliva sample, which grants them access to your genetic signature. 

The company uses the collected data to provide you with its services, analyze and improve its offer, and perform research (only with your explicit consent). You can choose whether to store or discard your saliva sample and personal reports once they have been generated. You can also delete your Dane Labs account and data at all times.  

Dante Labs may only share your personal data with its sequencing laboratories and research collaborators if you give them your consent. It will never share your information with any public databases, employers, insurance companies, and other entities, including regulatory authorities and law enforcement unless required to do so by law or a valid search warrant, subpoena or court order.  

Dante Labs dna Health

Shipping And Handling

As we already mentioned in this Dante Labs review, your personal at-home testing kit should arrive 2-3 business days after the company receives your order. Dante Labs is one of the rare direct-to-customer testing providers that offer free shipping anywhere in the world.  

Dante Labs tests also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, but the company will process a refund up to 30 days after purchase ONLY if your sample has not yet reached the lab. Otherwise, the company will charge a 25.00£ (≈29€≈33$) cancellation fee and 10.00£ (≈12€≈13$) for shipping and handling.

Bottom Line

Dante Labs offers good direct-to-customer DNA testing services that can be compared to some of the top names on the market. However, its marketing approach is definitely a bit over the top. It offers a decent variety of DNA testing options and should be able to meet your DNA testing needs – unless you are looking for ancestry DNA testing. The fact that it has corporate offices in Europe and the US is definitely an advantage that makes its testing kits available on both continents.  

Bottom line, Dante Labs is a solid company that will definitely deliver on the scientific promises made on its website and provide you with some interesting and potentially life-saving insights into your own genetic makeup.  

User Reviews (14)

Dante Labs customer rating based on 14 user reviews.

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  1. Mili | January 25, 2020

    Yesterday I received my first results. I bought standard version of the test for 169 euro during 2019 Black Friday, got the kit after 2 weeks, send it within days and on 23rd Dec they were officially in process. So it took a month since they received the kit and my results are now with me. I learned importand info about reaction to drugs and got very important info about one health condition I am predisposed to. I am looking forward to several reports on certain health conditions I ordered same time. Each one was just for 19 euro. When I was ordering Dante Labs products I learned about 1 y delays etc but I was so desperate to get my results( esp at such a low price) I said to myself: they primise now 8 weeks since receiving the sample but I can wait even 1 year- it does not matter. I won’t spend 1500 euro to get such info with a local lab. Dante Labs tests are of a medical value which means it’s levels up above 23andme which provide health information of an anecdotal value ( they check is not thorough enough). Of course 23andme or ancestry are good for family ancestry but that is all good info they provide.
    The only thing with Dantelabs is that they do very poorly with their marketing as instead of aplologizing and explaining new samples get to their new lans and baclog is caused by getting to much clients and cooperating with external labs. Moreover they focus now or offering 2 weeks turnaround time which I think is bad as their ads are seen by ppl who bought the kit and still did not received results so they post angry comments. They should have apologetic and explabatory campains and focus on giving more for certain price ( additional reports) rather than faster tgan 8 weeks turnaround time. And for all delayed customers they should provide additional report/s of their interest for free. Yeah- but Im not their marketing manager. They also do not well with communication. I received a return label I could not use. I msged them. Insted of advicing me to print my own label ( you can do that after you register your kit) they sent me additional kit without any response. By that time I’ve already found this printing on your own option and my kit was already travelling to Italy. Was funny to get a new kit several days later. I’d prefer possibility of an online chat to resolve my challenge ( i’m not sure if actually the new return label they sent would work). And clients need timely and real time communication.
    Overall I still recommend Dante Labs. Value fir money is beyond everything that is on the market.

  2. Ming | January 15, 2020

    I sent my sample in January 2019 and then in August 2019 they told me that it has failed QC so I had to re-send another sample which I did right away. Even though it has passed QC but the sequencing still hasn’t started in January 2020.

    There is roughly 50% of people on Trustpilot didn’t get their result, so it feels very much like they fulfill some orders for a positive review (to keep cash flowing in and building a larger database of customers) and use the rest of the money to build up their capability with a hope that it may or may not reach critical mass.

  3. Alexey | January 9, 2020

    The only thing they test is your patience. Took over 6 months and multiple follow-up emails to get my sequencing results. I made the mistake of ordering a hard drive with my sequencing data and still have not received it 9 months later. This service is a complete joke – their inability to operate makes me doubt the validity of the results themselves.

  4. Juliet Robin | January 8, 2020

    Dante labs prices are quite affordable, comparing to other dna testing companies I found online, not to mention free shipping. I did the health & wellness test for under 300$ and the results came fast. Actually, my doctor recommended I do the test to find out if I might be allergic to a medication he wants to prescribe. He asked me if I had any allergies and since I didn’t know because I never actually used any, he suggested I do the test. Must say I’m glad I did.

  5. Rahima Reed | January 2, 2020

    It really surprised me that they offer free shipping all over the world, I mean I that’s not why I picked them but its a perk. I saw they have labs in Europe and since I’m from Europe there was no need to look anywhere else. I also got the results online. basically did everything without leaving the house.

  6. Michele Mullen | December 30, 2019

    I chose a My Full DNA test mostly because I wanted to know what predispositions I may have for certain diseases. My parents are alive and well but you never know what could happen ten years from now. The price is I think very affordable but I didn’t know it would take that long for the results. I waited for more than 2 months, it’s a bit long.

  7. Dr. Tünde Szalai | December 28, 2019

    Our journey began approx. 11 months ago. After sending in my sample and contacting them many, MANY times (since nobody ever contacted me after the UPS courier took the sample, so I wasn’t even sure they got it). I got several emails stating that they are processing my sample “just now”, but after months of waiting and emailing, it turned out that they could not process the sample (I am a doctor and well aware that this was a lie), and by this time it was _June_! They promised to send another kit, which they never have, so I asked for a refund, since I was REALLY fed up with them. I’ve been emailing with them ever since, they always promise to get back to me, but they never do. They promised that we would get our refund, but a month ago they even stopped replying to my emails. Mind you, this correspondence has been going on for a YEAR!
    I am very, very, VERY fed up and I highly recommend you choose a different company!
    I am not just a fussy customer, I am a customer Dante Labs has stolen money from!!

  8. x3m | November 25, 2019

    Scam. 8 months of promises and no any actions. Order is not even started in 8 months after payment. Looks like a team of email responders, and that’s all.

  9. Alexander | November 8, 2019

    Purchased the test in September, received the results in 6 weeks, instead of 8 weeks. Insightful reports. 105 GB of data.

  10. D | October 11, 2019

    Never received results, even though I ordered and sent my kit months ago, in April 2019. All I got was a notification that it was received by Dante, and no meaningful response to my inquiry as to when I might expect results. Their website indicates results should come within 8 weeks. This is an expensive test costing hundreds of dollars, so when I get nothing out of what was promised and zero communication about what they are doing with my sample, I feel this is a scam.

  11. Paul Seki | August 17, 2019

    Dante Labs provides high quality sequencing (Q40), affordable prices and many more reports than other companies. Dante revamped their UI this year. The user account section is much better now.

    • Mihai Turcu | September 19, 2019

      I’m in the same situation. File a complaint on ECC to recover your money

  12. VS | August 11, 2019

    Last January, I bought the test from them for $1000. I never got any results back because they did not do any processing on the sample. I asked them for a refund many times and they keep replying that they will do it. However after 3 months of asking them for a refund I still don’t have it.

  13. Nick Funk | June 8, 2019

    I found Dante Labs offers good service for the price, with good communications. They have gone out of their way to replace a bad saliva sample test kit. I do say that Dante Labs are slow in providing results, and providing the large BAM files on disk drives which you have to purchase from them. But then I have no idea on the time effort required to process DNA samples.

  14. Matt | May 20, 2019

    7 months on, and I still haven’t received any results. I’ve contacted Dante Labs several times and have just been fobbed off with excuses. Don’t waste your money on this amateurish outfit.

  15. James | April 10, 2019

    the returned VCF is incomplete. No answer to a request for the BAM file. they appear to be doing genotype tests and passing them off as full WGS. Only reason these sites give good reviews is they got free tests and get paid when you click the links.

  16. Lisa Holmes | January 10, 2019

    Great service and a veeeery detailed report but the waiting time is way too long.

  17. Michael Brown | November 20, 2018

    Pretty interesting concept and the free shipping was definitely spot on but some of the snps I had in my 23andme report were not here.

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