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helix review

Helix Review

March 19, 2018

Helix is a DNA testing hub that incorporates the testing portfolios of numerous companies and puts them all under one roof, resulting in probably the most impressive DNA testing online store on the market. Read our dedicated Helix review to learn all about the company, its impeccable service, and numerous testing solutions.

dna Privacy Coalition

23andMe, Ancestry, And Helix Introduce New Privacy Coalition

July 17, 2019

23andMe, Ancestry, and Helix have formed a Privacy Coalition and released a whitepaper outlining the best practices for managing sensitive genetic data obtained from their customers. Congress is also drafting a bill that would legislate the issue on a federal level. Read more in this comprehensive report.

National Geographic Ancestry test

National Geographic Ancestry Test Review

June 5, 2017

National Geographic partnered with Helix to enrich its century-long genealogy research with modern genetic science. This partnership resulted in the National Geographic Ancestry Test, which is aimed at uncovering every detail regarding your deep ancestry, ranging 200,000 years in the past. Read all about this interesting project in our review.

Celebrate National DNA Day

DNA Testing Providers Offer Discounts To Celebrate National DNA Day

April 24, 2018

Another DNA Day is upon us and the best DNA testing companies in the world will help you celebrate by offering their unique testing solutions at significantly discounted prices. Read this article to learn a bit more about DNA Day and see which companies will allow you to save the most money during your genetic exploration.

23andMe Implementing New Privacy Guidelines

23andMe Implementing New Privacy Guidelines

August 13, 2018

23andMe’s recently signed deal with GlaxoSmithKline has prompted the DNA testing company to introduce new rules on the collection, retention, sharing, and use of consumers’ genetic data. Discover what these new privacy rules entail and how they affect the users’ right to decide how their genetic information is handled and shared with third parties.

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