23andMe Accuracy

January 11, 2017

When looking for a DNA testing company for exploring your ancestral genetic makeup, the accuracy and reliability of the final results are among the most important deciding factors. Since ethnicity estimates are challenging to give, you may want to consider companies with wider testing scopes.

23andMe Accuracy

Every exploration of your genetic origins needs to overcome several potential problems. Some genetic populations with steady historical backgrounds are quite easy to track. On the other hand, some will feature generous genetic mixing with other groups and borderline untraceable historical migration patterns.

23andMe is very good at overcoming these difficulties, offering one of the best ancestry DNA tests available to the general public. Keep on reading to learn all about this service and the overall accuracy of its tests.

Criteria For Ancestry DNA Testing Accuracy

There are several factors that determine the overall accuracy of ancestry DNA tests, including the number of SNPs checked, geographic regions covered, the scope of the test, database size, and the possibility of raw DNA data downloading.

Number Of SNPs Checked

Every ancestry test checks your SNPs or single nucleotide polymorphisms in order to map your haplogroups and give an ethnicity estimate but also to potentially determine your carrier status when it comes to certain genetic diseases. 23andMe explores more than 570,000 SNPs, which is more than enough to provide reliable results.

Geographic Regions Covered

Criteria-For-Ancestry DNA Testing Accuracy

The more parts of the world the test covers, the more accurate the final results. It gives the company access to more genetic populations, enabling it to provide a better ethnic estimate and haplogroup mapping. 23andMe covers more than 150 regions and 31 gene pools.

Scope Of The Test

As the name implies, 23andMe explores all 23 pairs of chromosomes, giving you a detailed report of your origins based on your autosomal DNA, as well as direct paternal and maternal ancestral lines. It’s also one of the rare companies that provide health-related results to its users. Your results will include carrier status for more than 40 genetic diseases, 22+ traits, and 8+ wellness reports.

Database Size

DNA testing companies can only compare your genetic signature to the ones that are already in their databases. This is especially important if you’re interested in locating your unknown genetic relatives and connecting with them. 23andMe currently has more than 2 million genetic profiles in its database. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer the possibility of integrating family trees into your personal account.

Raw DNA Download

23andMe allows you to download your raw DNA data and use it with other similar companies. Every company features a unique database, which maximizes your chances of locating potential genetic matches.

23andMe report

Bottom Line

23andMe is one of the most popular services of its kind. Based on what we’ve seen so far, that popularity is well deserved. Its ancestry test explores enough SNPs for accurate results, includes enough regions worldwide to give a reliable ethnic estimate and haplogroup mapping, and covers all 23 pairs of chromosomes within your genome. The health portion of the results gives an extensive picture of your genetic physical traits and potential disease risks.

With that in mind, we can recommend 23andMe to everyone interested in unlocking the secrets of their genetic health and learning more about their ancestral origins.

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