Wisdom Panel Cost

November 30, 2017

Wisdom Panel is a corporate branch of Mars Veterinary dedicated to animal DNA testing. The company was first introduced in 2005 after its Breed Determination Patent received a license from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  

As the price of service is among the deciding factors when choosing the right DNA testing provider, we’ve decided to explore the company’s pricing policy and value offered in return. Keep reading to find out whether Wisdom Panel can offer testing instances to fit your budget perfectly. 

Wisdom Panel Cost

Pricing Overview

Wisdom Panel pricing pet

Here’s a complete list of Wisdom Panel testing solutions with their respective price tags: 

  • Wisdom Panel 4.0 (84.99$) – The test identifies purebred ancestors to the great-grandparent level, also providing comprehensive information about traits, behavior, and history for each breed found. It additionally includes a predicted weight profile, information about potential physical traits, drug-sensitivity genetic mutation results, and exercise-induced collapse results. The test covers more than 250 breeds recognized by the AKC and yields results within 2-3 weeks.
  • Wisdom Panel Health (149.99$) – The test covers 250+ dog breeds and more than 140 genetic diseases with indications of severity levels. It also offers everything else listed in Wisdom Panel 4.0.
  • Optimal Selection Canine Genetic Breeding Analysis (129.99$) – First of all, we need to point out that this is NOT a breed detection test. The results are usually available within 3-4 weeks and they include reports on more than 175 genetic diseases and over 20 physical traits, your dog’s genetic diversity, a personal profile of your dog on the international portal for breeders, Breeder Tool access, and constant updates as the test incorporates new scientific achievements and breakthroughs. The procedure is focused on exploring more than 1,800 genetic markers in order to formulate the most reliable GHI (genetic health index) for your dog. 
  • Optimal Selection Feline Genetic Breeding Analysis (99.99$) – This test offers the same features as its canine counterpart but covers significantly less genetic diseases (30) and physical traits (15).

Bottom Line

All in all, we would say that Wisdom Panel offers significant value for the money invested. The prices are just right, so we can’t say that Wisdom Panel is either really cheap or shamelessly expensive. If you want to know all about your litter as a breeder or your pet as a private owner, we can definitely recommend Wisdom Panel as a rather good combination of value and affordability.  

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