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DDC-DNA Diagnostics Center Review

DDC DNA Diagnostics Center Review

UPDATED May. 2023

DDC is a state-of-the-art DNA testing company with world-renowned experts at the helm. Accuracy is guaranteed by the new age robotics technology incorporated in its labs. Every test is done twice and can be used in court as a legal document. Alongside standard relationship DNA tests, DDC also offers ancestry, animal, and forensic DNA testing.

DDC Paternity Test

DDC Paternity Test

November 18, 2017

DNA Diagnostics Center is one of the best, most modern DNA testing companies on the market. It offers three different paternity tests, which are all explored in this blog post. Read our dedicated article to find out more about your paternity testing options with DDC and discover the best one for you.

DDC Prenatal Paternity Test

DDC Prenatal Paternity Test

October 31, 2017

DDC is the most cutting-edge DNA testing company on the market with a highly experienced professional staff and robotics technology incorporated into its testing procedures. The company also offers a non-invasive iteration of prenatal paternity testing and you can read our latest dedicated post to learn what you can expect if you opt for this service.

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