EasyDNA VS Helix

UPDATED Apr. 2018

After making the initial decision to explore your ancestry and genetic origins, you are faced with a multitude of nuances, separating one ancestry DNA testing company from the next. Helix and EasyDNA are both excellent choices for the task at hand, but one will certainly come out on top once you identify your specific needs and expectations. Their services, although high-quality and professional, differ in small but important aspects, even though they seemingly do the same thing. Our comparison will help you spot those differences between Helix and EasyDNA, allowing you to make an optimal and fully personalized choice.

Side by Side Comparison

Sample Collection Type
Genetic Markers Checked
Geographic Regions Covered
Ancestral Makeup Report
Paternal Lineage
Maternal Lineage
Neanderthal Percentage
Native American DNA
Jewish DNA Coverage
Cousin Matching
Database Size
Family Tree Integration
Chromosome Browser
Health Report
Average Result Time
Research Participation
Raw Data Download
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Our comparison protocol for ancestry DNA analyses includes a wide variety of factors that ultimately differentiate top-quality companies from the rest of the market. Our initial inquiry focuses on potential interdisciplinary capacity. Genetics are often mixed with genealogy and anthropology in order to provide a more precise depiction of the past. The quantum of genetic markers investigated and compared is our next concern. The more single nucleotide polymorphisms checked throughout your entire genome, the more accurate the final report. We then explore the scope of the tests offered. Does the company provide only autosomal DNA testing or do they also include X and Y-chromosome sequencing? Potential exploration of Neanderthal, Native American, and Jewish origins is also a factor. Furthermore, we also check if the company provides a report on genetic health hazards. The size of the database, potential cousin matching, and the ability to form your personal family tree is the proverbial icing on the cake. Lastly, we’re interested in average turnaround times and participation in significant scientific projects.

Scope Of DNA Test(s)
Test Processing Times
Privacy & Security
Value For Money
Overall Experience
Final Rating9.0/108.5/10
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