Best DNA Black Friday Deals For 2017

November 22, 2017

DNA-testing providers are jumping on the holiday discount bandwagon by offering their products at considerably lower prices than usual. So, use this opportunity to grab your at-home DNA test of choice and save some money along the way.  

Here’s our list of DNA-testing solutions that are currently on sale:   

  • Visit Website shaved 20$ off its ancestry test, which means you can now buy it for 79$ 
  • Visit Website offers its Ancestry Service kits at 49$ for orders of two and more. This saves you 50$ per kit 
  • Visit Website cut the prices of its Family Finder test (now 59$), Y-DNA (now starts from 129$), and mtDNA test (now starts from 169$). This holiday discount will save you 30$, 40$, and 30$ respectively 
  • Visit Website offers a flat 50% discount, setting the price tag of its DNA-testing kit at 49$, which is the lowest price ever for this company 
  • The Holiday price for Visit Website ancestry test is 99$ (60$ off) 
  • Visit Website gives a 10$ discount on all orders 
  • Visit Website Offers its Dog DNA Test with a 20$ discount so, the new price is 179$   

AncestryDNA is the biggest genealogical conglomerate on the planet and MyHeritage is working towards similar status. Family Tree DNA has the most interesting testing bundles and covers the most ground with a single order. 23andMe is the most popular ancestry DNA service and the only company that also offers health-related results for an additional fee. TeloYears is a unique company that allows you to measure the length of your telomeres and determine your true genetic age. Embark, on the other hand, offers dog DNA tests designed for private owners, vets, and professional breeders. 

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