EasyDNA VS DDC DNA Diagnostics Center

UPDATED May. 2018

Contrary to popular belief, all paternity tests are not the same, nor are the companies offering them. Paternity Depot and EasyDNA are both top-quality DNA testing providers, but one will always be a better choice, depending on your particular needs. Our comparison between Paternity Depot and EasyDNA will provide you with a proper insight into the intricacies of both companies and identify the clear-cut choice for your situation. Just make sure you properly formulate your intention for going into paternity testing and our comprehensive list of facts will do the rest. With the information provided, the final choice will be made much easier and more evident.

Side by Side Comparison

Legal Test Available
Prenatal Paternity Test Available
Discreet Paternity Test Available
Sample Collection Type
Genetic Markers Checked
Test Accuracy
Average Result Time
Lab Location
cheek swab
3-5 days
Laguna Springs Drive, Elk Grove, CA, USA
cheek swab
24 hours (online)
Fairfield, OH, USA


Our comparison of companies that offer paternity testing services encompasses a plethora of essential factors, which enable us to identify the best options on the market. Our initial criterion is the accuracy of the test. Some of the companies also repeat their sequencing in order to provide maximum accuracy without the possibility of error or test failure. Secondly, we examine whether the company features both at-home and legal paternity tests. Legal results are a must if you intend on using them in front of courts or other governmental bodies as evidence of paternity. Furthermore, we're also interested in prenatal paternity testing. Does the company provide this option at all and, if it does, do they employ invasive or non-invasive methods? Lastly, we investigate average turnaround times, potential report revisions, the pricing policy, and the available payment plans for more expensive tests.

Scope Of DNA Test(s)
Test Processing Times
Privacy & Security
Value For Money
Overall Experience
Final Rating8.5/107.8/10
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